November 2021 Meeting Agenda

November 9th

3:00     Coastal Resources Advisory Council Meeting

November 10th           

9:00     Commission Call to Order* **                                                                              Renee Cahoon, Chair

  • Roll Call
  • Chair’s Comments
  • Approval of September 15, 2021 Meeting Minutes
  • Executive Secretary’s Report                                                                                   Braxton Davis
  • CRAC Report                                                                                                         Greg “rudi” Rudolph

9:30     Variances

  • Town of Kure Beach - (CRC-VR-21-04), Development Line            Tara MacPherson/Christine Goebel, Esq.                                                                                                                                                                                                        Holly Ingram, Esq./Jim Eldridge, Esq.

10:00   Beach Management Plans

  • Review of Proposed Beach Management Plan Rules (CRC-21-34)                             Mike Lopazanski

11:00   Public Access

  • Additional Amendments to 15A NCAC 7M .0300 Shoreline Access Policies -  Parking Fees & Clarifying Language (CRC-21-35)         Mike Lopazanski          

11:30   Coastal Habitat Protection Plan

12:00   Public Input and Comment

12:15   Lunch

1:30     Floating Structures

  • Proposed Amendments to 15A NCAC 7M .0600 and 7H .0208 - Floating Structures Associated with Shellfish Leases – (CRC-21-37)  Daniel Govoni

2:15   CAMA Land Use Plans

  • Continued Discussion of Amendments to 15A NCAC 7B CAMA Land Use Plans – Enforceable Polices (CRC-21-36)                   Tancred Miller

2:45     Action Items

  • Consideration of Fiscal Analysis 15A NCAC 07H .0208(b)(6) & 7H .1200 - Structural Boat Covers (CRC-21-39)       Mike Lopazanski
  • Consideration of Fiscal Analysis 15A NCAC 07H. 0308 and 7H .1800 - General Permit For Beach Bulldozing (CRC-21-40)    Ken Richardson    
  • Consideration of Fiscal Analysis NCAC 07J .0405 – Renewals (CRC-21-41)             Curt Weychert

3:15     Legal Updates                                                                                                                       Mary Lucasse

  • Update on Litigation of Interest to the Commission (CRC-21-42)

3:30     Old/New Business                                                                                                     Renee Cahoon, Chair

3:45     Adjourn