April 2017 Meeting Agenda

April 26-27, 2017
Dare County Government Center
954 Marshall C. Collins Drive, Manteo

April CRC Packet

April CRAC Packet

Wednesday, April 26th

10:00    Coastal Resources Advisory Council Meeting (Rm. 168)           Greg “rudi” Rudolph, Chair

1:00      Commission Call to Order* (Commission Meeting Room)              Renee Cahoon, Chair

  • Roll Call
  • Chair’s Comments

1:15 Variances

2:15 Coastal Reserves

  • NC National Estuarine Research Reserve Management Plan (CRC-17-08)           Rebecca Ellin

3:00 Action Items

  • Perquimans County LUP Amendment (CRC-17-10)                                     Charlan Owens
  • Adoption of 15A NCAC 7L Planning & Management Grants                          Rachel Love-Adrick

3:15 Estuarine Shoreline Management

  • Living Shoreline (Marsh Sill) General Permit Update (CRC-17-11)                Daniel Govoni

3:45 Closed Session

  • Nies v. Emerald Isle - (409PA15) Update                                                           Mary Lucasse

4:15 Recess

Thursday, April 27th

9:00 Commission Call to Order* (Commission Meeting Room)                   Renee Cahoon, Chair

  • Roll Call
  • Chair’s Comments
  • Approval of February 7-8, 2017 Meeting Minutes                                 Renee Cahoon, Chair
  • Executive Secretary’s Report                                                               Braxton Davis
  • CRAC Report                                                                         Greg “rudi” Rudolph, Chair

10:00 Beach and Inlet Management

  • Sediment Criteria – Sampling Methodology (CRC-16-44)                  Ken Richardson
  • Figure Eight Island Development Line Approval (CRC-17-13)            David Kellam or Bill Raney

11:00 Ocean Shoreline Management

  • CRC Dune Protection, Restoration & Repair (CRC-17-14)                   Frank Jennings
  • CRC Discussion

11:45 Old/New Business                                                                Renee Cahoon, Chair

12:00 Public Input and Comment                                                                               Renee Cahoon, Chair

12:15 Lunch

1:30 Public Hearing                                                                                                    Renee Cahoon, Chair

1:45 Adjourn