July 2015 Agenda

July 16, 2015
NOAA/NCNERR Administration Building
Beaufort, NC 

July 2015 Meeting Packet 

CRAC Meeting Packet

NTB Variance Materials:
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Thursday, July 16

9:30 Coastal Resources Advisory Council Meeting – Sandbag Rules and Policies (Coastal Reserves Classroom) 

10:30  Commission Call to Order* (NOAA Auditorium) -  Frank Gorham, Chair

  • Roll Call
  • Chair’s Comments
  • Approval of April 29-30, 2015 Meeting Minutes  -  Frank Gorham, Chair
  • Executive Secretary’s Report - Braxton Davis

11:00 Variances

  • Carteret County(CRC-VR-15-04), pile supported sign in coastal wetlands - Ryan Davenport, Christine Goebel
  • North Topsail Beach,(CRC-VR-15-05), geotextile tube - Jason Dail, Christine Goebel

12:00  Lunch 

1:15   Public Input and Comment

1:30  CRAC Report – Sandbag Rules and Policies - Debbie Smith, CRAC Chair

2:30  CRC Rule Development

  • State Ports Inlet Management AEC – Beneficial Use, Sandbag Use & Boundary - Heather Coats
  • Commission Discussion

4:00  Action Items

  • Adopt 15A NCAC 7H.0304 AECs Within Ocean Hazard Areas  – Repeal of High Hazard Flood AEC (CRC-15-13) -  Mike Lopazanski
  • Town of Carolina Beach LUP Amendment(CRC-15-14) - Mike Christenbury

4:15 Old/New Business -  Frank Gorham, Chair

  • Update on Development Line Rulemaking
  • Update on NC NERR Management Plan

4:30  Adjourn

* Times indicated are only for guidance and will change. The Commission will proceed through the agenda until completed.