May 2013 Agenda

May 2013 CRC Meeting Agenda

May 9, 2013
NOAA/NCNERR Administration Building
Beaufort, NC

May 2013 Meeting Materials

Thur., May 9

Bob Emory, Chair

10:00 COMMISSION CALL TO ORDER (Auditorium) -Bob Emory, Chair

  • Roll Call

  • Approval of February 6-7, 2013 Meeting Minutes

  • Executive Secretary’s Report(CRC-13-11 ) -Braxton Davis

  • Chairman’s Comments - Bob Emory

10:15 Legislative Update -Braxton Davis 

10:30 Local Issues Forum

  • Town of Atlantic Beach - Welcome  -Trace Cooper, Mayor

  • Follow Up From November 2012 Meeting Hyde County - Steve Trowell

  • Drainage Issues Follow Up(CRC-13-10)     

11:15 Beach Management

  • Carteret County Beach Commission -Greg “Rudi” Rudolph, Carteret Co. Shore Protection Office

    Update on DCM Beach & Inlet Management Activities(CRC-13-12) - Matt  Slagel

12:00  PUBLIC INPUT AND COMMENT  - Bob Emory, Chair

12:15  LUNCH

  Coastal Resources Advisory Council Meeting (DUML Dining Hall) -
Ray Sturza, Chair


  CRC Rule Development 

  • Adopt 15A NCAC 7I .0401 &7I .0406  – Minor Permit Program -Mike Lopazanski

  • Rule Change Overview, Proposed Changes to CAMA, Dredge & Fill Regarding Notifications(CRC-13-13) -Ted Tyndall

  • Amendments  to 7H .2600 Wetland, Stream and Buffer Mitigation Permit(CRC-13-14) - Doug Huggett

  • Amendments to 7H .1300 GP to Maintain, Repair and Construct Boat Ramps Expanded Activities(CRC-13-15) –David Moye 

  • Discussion of 15A 7J .0210 Replacement of Existing Structures(CRC-13-20) -Frank Jennings

3:30  Land Use Plan Certifications and Amendments - John Thayer

  • Town of  Swansboro Land Use Plan Amendment(CRC-13-16) 

  • Town of Nags Head Land Use Plan Implementation Status Report(CRC-13- 17)

3:45  BREAK

4:00  CRC Science Panel Updates

  • Draft Science Panel Charge from CRC(CRC-13-18) -Mike Lopazanski

  • Science Panel Member Nominations Process -Mike Lopazanski

  • Re-appointments, vacancies and ad hoc committee, nominations committee(CRC-13-19)

OLD/NEW BUSINESS -  Bob Emory, Chair


Next Meeting:
July 10-12, 2013