Nov. 2012 Agenda

 November 2012 CRC Meeting Agenda

November 14-16, 2012
Vernon G. James Research & Extension Center
Plymouth, NC

November 2012 Meeting Materials

Wed., Nov. 14

11:00 Field Trip - Sea-level Rise and Drainage Issues in Hyde, Tyrrell & Dare Counties, Leave from Bellhaven

Thur., Nov. 15

9:00   Executive Committee Meeting (Conference Center) - Bob Emory, Chair

10:00  COMMISSION CALL TO ORDER (Conference Center) - Bob Emory, Chair

  • Roll Call

  • Approval of August 29-30, 2012 Meeting Minutes

  • Executive Secretary’s Report(CRC-12-33) - Braxton Davis

  • Chairman’s Comments - Bob Emory

10:30   Drainage Issues Facing Hyde, Tyrrell & Dare Counties

  • Unique Challenges Facing Eastern NC Related to Sea-Level Rise and Drainage Issues -Paul Lilly, NCSU Assoc. Prof  Emeritus 

  • Permitting Agricultural Drainage -David Moye

  • CRC Discussion of Field Trip and Issue - Bob Emory

12:00  PUBLIC INPUT AND COMMENT  - Bob Emory, Chair

12:15  LUNCH 


  • Harbour Village Yacht Club (CRC-VR-12-08 )Pender County, 30’ Buffer  -  Christine Goebel 

2:15  Adaptation Issues and Strategies

  • Impact of Water-Level rise  on Municipal Infrastructure : Town of Plymouth Perspective -Brian Roth, Mayor Town of Plymouth 

  • Tailwater Recovery as an Agricultural BMP -  Erin Fleckenstein, NC Coastal Federation; Gene Fox,  Mattamuskeet Mgmt & Consulting

  • Impacts of Rising Water Levels on Wildlife Refuges - USF&W Service

4:00  BREAK 

4:15  Legislative Update

  • H819 Legislative Studies Status -(CRC-12-40) -Braxton Davis

    • Cape Fear River AEC Study

    • Inlet Hazard Areas Study

    • Sea-Level Rise

    • Science Panel Update

5:00 PUBLIC HEARING - Bob Emory, Chair

  • 15A NCAC 7H .0308(a)(2) &15A NCAC 7H .1705  and Fiscal  Analysis – Sandbags


6:00  Reception for recipients of the Walter B. Jones Memorial Award for Coastal and Ocean Resource Management (Vernon James Center)

Fri., Nov. 16

8:00 Coastal Resources Advisory Council – Breakfast Meeting (Hotel Lobby)

9:00  COMMISSION CALL TO ORDER* (Conference Center) -  Bob Emory, Chair

  Estuarine Shoreline Stabilization 

  • Evaluating the Effects of Shoreline Stabilization on Fish Habitat Function and Erosion of Estuarine Shorelines in NC (CRC-12-34) - Rachel Gittman, UNC

  • Sustainable Estuarine Shoreline Stabilization: Research, Education and Public Policy in NC - John Fear 

  • DENR Living Shorelines Strategy & Modification of Sill GP(CRC-12-35) - Daniel Govoni  

11:00  BREAK



  • NCDOT - NC Hwy 12(CRC-VR-12-09)Dare County, Sandbags -Christine Goebel

11:45 Land Use Plan Certifications and Amendments - John Thayer

  • Brunswick County LUP Amendment Certification(CRC-12-41)

  • Planning Program Review Strategy and Activities(CRC-12-42) 

12:15  CRCRule Development

  • Amendments to 15A NCAC 7I .0401 & .0406 and Fiscal Analysis – Minor Permit Program(CRC-12-36) -Mike Lopazanski

  • Public Comment Summary15A NCAC 7H .0304(1)(a) AECs Within Ocean Hazard Areas –Erosion Rates(CRC-12-37) - Ken Richardson

  • Public Comment Summary and Adoption ofTemporary Rules 15A NCAC 7H .0306 – Replacement of Single Family or Duplex Residential Dwellings(CRC-12-38)Mike Lopazanski

  • Approve 15A NCAC 7H .0306 and Fiscal Analysis – Replacement of Single Family or Duplex Residential Dwellings for Public Hearing –Permanent Rule(CRC-12-39) - Mike Lopazanski

OLD/NEW BUSINESS  - Bob Emory, Chair


Next Meeting:
February 6-7, 2013