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North Carolina Geological Survey
Office Directory, Staff, and Responsibilities

The North Carolina Geological Survey has three offices statewide, two in Raleigh, and a third in Swannanoa, near Asheville. Use this directory to locate the office which can best serve you.

Operations Branch - Main Office, Map and Publication Sales

Phone: 919-707-9210

Mailing Address: 1612 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699-1612

Physical Address: 512 North Salisbury Street, Raleigh, NC 27604-7687


Staff Member Position Responsibilities E-mail Address Telephone

Dr. Kenneth B. Taylor, PG

NCBLG# 1835

State Geologist

Section Chief

Geological Survey Section Manager 919-707-9211

Amy Pitts, MS, PG

PA PG# 04770

Geologist Education and Outreach Coordinator 919-707-9204
Michael Medina Engineering Technician II and Cartographer Map and Publication Sales, Cartographic Support 919-707-9203

Phil Bradley, MS, PG

NCBLG# 1407

Senior Geologist Assistant Section Chief and Piedmont Geologist - Geologic Mapping - Statemap Project 919-707-9241

Dwain Veach, MS, PG

NCBLG# 2718

Senior Geologist Energy and Mineral Resources 919-707-9205
  Administrative Assistant Office Administration    

Jim Chapman, MS, PG

NCBLG# 2622

Senior Geologist Oversight of Oil and Gas Program supporting the Oil and Gas Commission 919-707-9231
Publication Sales: 919-707-9203 e-mail
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Geological Survey - Coastal Plain Office - Core Repository

Phone: 919-733-7353

Mailing Address: 1620 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699-1620

Physical Address: 4100-A, Reedy Creek Road, Raleigh, NC 27607-6411


  • Geologic mapping and mineral resource studies of the Coastal Plain, Piedmont Province, and Triassic basins
  • Geology and mineral resources of the continental shelf
  • Repository - houses state-wide collection of subsurface data (rock core, drill cuttings, vibracores, geophysical logs, and other types of samples)
  • Public service and education.
Staff Member Position Responsibilities E-mail Address Telephone

Dr. Kathleen Farrell, PG

NCBLG# 1747

Senior Geologist Coastal Plain Stratigraphy, Sedimentology and Geomorphology – Coastal Cooperative Study (NCGS-USGS-ECU); PI for STATEMAP Coastal Plain Mapping Project 919-733-7353 ext. 29

Kenny Gay, MS, PG

NCBLG# 1393

Geologist I Heavy Mineral Studies; Upper and Middle Coastal Plain Studies 919-733-7353 ext. 28
Emily Michael, GIT Geologist I Piedmont Geologic Mapping - STATEMAP Project 919-733-7353 ext. 22

Geological Survey - Asheville Regional Office

Main Telephone: 828-296-4500

Address: 2090 US Highway 70, Swannanoa, NC 28778


  • Geologic mapping and mineral resources of the mountain region of North Carolina
  • Geologic hazards mapping, including landslides
  • Public service and education
  • Earth Science Information Center (ESIC) affiliate office
Staff Member Position Responsibilities E-mail Address Telephone

Dr. David Korte, PG

NCBLG# 2677

Senior Geologist Program Supervisor, Geologic Hazards and Engineering Geology 828-296-4540

Bart Cattanach, MS, PG

NCBLG# 2060

Senior Geologist Program Supervisor, Blue Ridge and Western Piedmont Geologic Mapping 828-296-4634

Nick Bozdog, GISP

GISCI# 90795

Geologist & GIS Analyst GIS development and analysis; Geologic Mapping; AGOL License Manager 828-296-4635
Robert "Bobby" Sas, MS Geologist Landslide Field Team Leader 828-296-4557
Ryan Eastwick, GIT Geologist Landslide Mapping 828-296-4523
Jeremy Jurgevich Geologist Landslide Mapping 828-296-4556
Joshua Benton, MS Geologist Blue Ridge and Western Piedmont Geologic Mapping 828-296-4629


NCGS . 1612 Mail Service Center . Raleigh, NC 27699-1612 . 919-707-9210