Marine Fisheries Commission Proposed Rules 2022-2023

Mutilated Finfish

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Here is supporting information for the Marine Fisheries Commission proposed rules in the 2022-2023 Package. For questions about Marine Fisheries Commission rule-making contact the Division of Marine Fisheries Rulemaking Coordinator at

News Release
News Release
Information about proposed rules and public comment opportunities.

The public comment period has closed.
Public Hearing Speaker Registration has closed. The public hearing for these rules occured on December 16, 2022.
Text of the proposed rules:
Mutilated Finfish
An explanation of the proposed rules and the reason for the proposed rules:
Notice of Text Form 0300 (See Box 7)
Federal certification required per North Carolina General Statute 150B-19.1(g):
Not Applicable
Instructions on how and where to submit oral or written comments on the proposed rules:
Notice of Text Form 0300 (See Box 5 and Box 9)
Fiscal notes:
Mutilated Finfish