Non-Field Application and Forms


The application for initial certification  and amendment to certification application for Non-Field commercial, municipal, industrial and other laboratories may be downloaded by clicking on the following links.

Initial Laboratory Certification Application      PDF

Amendment to Laboratory Certification Application      PDF

Online Payment Website 


The following forms are provided for commercial, municipal, industrial and other laboratory reference and use. 

Form List
Laboratory Certification Program Evaluation Form  A form used to evaluate various performance areas within the NC WW/GW LC program including auditor performance, inspection reports and program performance. [Extended Format] 
Laboratory Certification Program Short Survey A short survey to provide feedback on the services provided by the NC WW/GW Laboratory Certification program. [Short Format]
Notice of Finding for Immediate Response (NOFIR) Form A form used by NC WW/GW LC auditors during on-site inspections when a Finding is judged to be severe to the extent that immediate correction or suspension of the action is required. 
Sample Non-conformance Notification Example of a form that can be used when laboratories submit notification to the NC WW/GW LC program of samples analyzed that do not meet sample collection, preservation or holding time requirements.


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