Energy Projects

Energy Assurance Program

The Energy Assurance Program works with other state agencies and the private sector to develop effective responses to energy emergencies and to ensure that energy resources are available during adverse conditions. The program also shares information about the development and deployment of Smart Grid technologies.

Utility Savings Initiative

The Utility Savings Initiative is North Carolina’s lead-by-example program that supports energy efficiency in public buildings. The program currently serves state agencies, the University of North Carolina system, community colleges, public schools and local governments. Learn more at the Utility Savings Initiative website

Technical Assistance

The federally-funded technical assistance program is available at no charge to state agencies, University of North Carolina system institutions, community colleges, public schools, local governments, nonprofits and industrial entities. Assistance including energy surveys and the development of strategic energy plans is offered to promote sustainability, energy efficiency and conservation.

Rules Under Review Pursuant to G.S. 150B-21.3A

General Statute 150B-21.3A requires state agencies to review their existing rules every 10 years to determine which rules are still necessary and either to readopt or repeal each rule as appropriate. Amendments to these State Energy Office rules will expand the scope of the Energy Loan Fund and modify loan conditions for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in accordance with Session Law 2009-475. Additional technical amendments will correct outdated and obsolete rules for clarity before they are transferred and codified in Title 15A of the Administrative Code under the Department of Environmental Quality.

To view the rules currently under review, click here.

For more information, please contact: 

Star Hodge
NCDEQ/DEMLR State Energy Program
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