2021 NC Erosion & Sediment Control Workshop


December 2, 2021
Full-day in-person option: 8am - 4pm
Half-day virtual option: 8am - 12pm

Presented by: N.C. DEQ – Land Quality Section
In partnership with: Southeast Chapter – International Erosion Control Association (SE-IECA) and NCSU Department of Crop & Soil Science.

Registration information and the agenda can be found on NCSU's website

Please note that PDHs are not being awarded for watching the recordings; they are only being awarded to registrants who attend the live in-person or virtual session.

Webinar Presentations and Materials

Morning Presenters:

Dr. Susan White, WRRI Director, SCC Chair 

Presenting: Welcome & Overview 

Dr. Susan White is the executive director for the Water Resources Research Institute for the University of North Carolina, North Carolina Sea Grant and North Carolina Space Grant. All three programs provide targeted research, outreach and education projects to address critical issues in the state and within the region. Dr. White has served on the North Carolina Sedimentation Control Commission since 2013 and was named chair of the N.C. Sediment Control Commission by Gov. Roy Cooper in 2017. 

Julie Coco, PE, DEQ-DEMLR 

Presenting: DEQ E&SC Program Update and Permit Coordination (PDF Slides)

Julie Coco is the State Sedimentation Program Engineer for the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality’s Division of Energy, Mineral, and Land Resources. Her experience includes work in private practice and previous work in state government involving flood control, stormwater, erosion control, and permitting. 

Alaina Morman, DEQ-DEMLR 

Presenting: DEQ Stormwater Program Update (PDF Slides)

Alaina Morman is an environmental specialist with the Division of Energy, Mineral, and Land Resources’ Stormwater Program. She works on the general industrial permits, MS4 permit audits, and compliance and enforcement efforts. Prior to joining the NC Stormwater Program, she worked for a soil and water conservation district in Ohio. 

Tom Gerow, Jr., RF, CESSWI, NC Forest Service 

Presenting: Forestry Updates: USLE, BMPs, and the FAP (PDF Slides)

Tom Gerow, Jr. is the Water Resources Staff Forester with the North Carolina Forest Service, having joined them in 2002, and for that entire time has worked in the arena of BMPs and water quality. Prior to state service, he worked 7 years in the forest industry overseeing timber harvest operations and assisting with forestland management. Tom is a North Carolina Registered Forester; and a Certified Erosion, Sediment, and Storm Water Inspector; a member of the Society of American Foresters; and holds a B.S. in Forest Management from N.C. State University. 

Matthew Lauffer, PE, CPM, NCDOT 

Presenting: Updated precipitation estimates for NC – NOAA Atlas-14 (PDF Slides)

Matthew (Matt) Lauffer is an Assistant State Hydraulics Engineer for North Carolina Department of Transportation Hydraulics Unit and has been with the Department for 23 years.  Matt manages Hydraulics Design and Highway Floodplain Program and takes an active role in the Department’s Flood Resilience activities. He is a member of the Transportation Research Board Committee on Hydrology, Hydraulics and Stormwater and is a member of the AASHTO Technical Committee on Hydrology and Hydraulics.  Matt is a registered professional engineer in North Carolina. 

Jeff Keaton, PE, Senior Water Resources Engineer, Wildlands Engineering 

Co-presenting: Stream and Wetland Mitigation in North Carolina: An Overview and Erosion and Sediment Control Practices (PDF Slides)

Jeff Keaton is a senior water resources engineer in Wildlands’ Raleigh office.  He has over 20 year of experience in stream and wetland mitigation, stormwater engineering, watershed planning, and surface water quality management.  He has managed, designed, and coordinated construction on more than 15 mitigation projects throughout the state.  He holds a masters degree in civil engineering from UNC-Charlotte.   

Lin Xu, DEQ, Division of Mitigation Services 

Co-presenting: Stream and Wetland Mitigation in North Carolina: An Overview and Erosion and Sediment Control Practices 

Lin Xu is the Water Resources Engineer and does project review and coordination with DEQ’s Division of Mitigation Services. 

Donald Pearson, EI, Summit Design and Engineering 

Co-presenting: Issues, Challenges, and Progress on the 540 NCDOT Project (PDF Slides)

Donald Pearson retired from NCDOT’s Roadside Environmental Unit in May 2021 and has begun a new career with Summit Design and Engineering Services.  His goal is to continue working on current and future 540 Infrastructure projects to blend Environmental Compliance Training and Guidance for contractor and Inspection personnel. 

Aaron Harper, PE, NCDOT, Roadside Environmental Unit 

Co-presenting: Issues, Challenges, and Progress on the 540 NCDOT Project 

Aaron Harper is a graduate of NC State University in Biological and Agricultural Engineering.  Aaron began working with the NCDOT in 2012 and has served in multiple roles within the Field Operations Section of the Roadside Environmental Unit from the piedmont to the coast. 

Afternoon Field Presenters: 

Dr. Rich McLaughlin 

Dr. Rich McLaughlin has been a professor at NC State University since 1993, focusing on managing stormwater on construction sites to reduce the impacts on water quality. 

Dr. Christina Kranz 

Dr. Christina Kranz is a postdoctoral researcher at North Carolina State University in the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences. Her research focuses on stormwater management and sediment and erosion control. 

Emily Leupp 

Emily Leupp is a first-year masters student in the Biological and Agricultural Engineering department at NC State University. She is working under Dr. Bill Hunt on researching evaluating maintenance requirements and water quality benefits of alternative vegetated and non-vegetated linings in roadside swales. Emily earned her bachelor's degree in Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering from Oklahoma State University (Go Pokes!). Feel free to contact her via email at ecleupp@ncsu.edu

Handout: Installation & Maintenance Requirements for Roadside Swales (PDF)

Md Mahfuz Islam 

Md Mahfuz Islam is a Ph.D. student with NCSU’s Soil Science Department whose research areas include stormwater and sediment management in road construction sites, organic amendments incorporation, and vegetation cover establishment.  

Rob Austin 

Rob Austin is a Geographic Information Systems Specialist in the Department of Crop and Soil Science at NC State University. Rob’s work is directed toward the collection, analysis and interpretation of spatial data relating to soils, agriculture, and the environment. 

Adam Howard 

Adam Howard is originally from Union Grove, NC. He received is B.S. degree in Education from NCSU, minoring in Polymer and Color Chemistry and M.S. in Soil Science in 2014. He joined NCSU’s Heitman Lab in 2007.