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The Department of Environmental Quality is dedicated to increasing environmental literacy in the state. The Department offers environmental education opportunities to the public and provides teachers and other educators with the training and tools they need to educate others about our environment. In this time of distance learning DEQ’s environmental educators are committed to assisting teachers and students in our state.
The purpose of this page is to introduce you to DEQ’s education content that is distance learning compatible. DEQ’s environmental educators are here to support your distance learning needs during this challenging time.  Below you will find links to free teacher and student materials for a distance learning activity for your classroom focused on several topics including geology, sedimentation,  air quality, and water quality.   Each of these topics also has additional educational materials and content you can explore by clicking the Air, Water, Geology, or Sediment squares at the bottom of this page. 

This page will be updated as more online content is available.

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Activity Matrix

This Activity Matrix captures a sampling of DEQ distance learning content, organized by subject and target age group. We hope you are able to use or modify some of this content to fit your distance learning needs. In each cell, find links to the corresponding activity and to a cover sheet that summarizes the activity and correlates it to DPI Essential Standards. Please contact us with questions or any feedback that will help us support you more effectively.

  Elementary School Middle School High School
Air Quality

Clair and CAM: How can I prevent air pollution?

  • Teacher Summary (pdf)
  • Student (pdf)

What Is Air and Layers of the Atmosphere

  • Teacher Summary (Word)
  • Student (pdf)

It's Our Air! Air Pollution and the Clean Air Act

  • Teacher Summary (Word)
  • Student (pdf)
Water Resources

My River Model

Healthy NC Water Resources

  • Teacher Summary (Word)
  • Activity (Word)

NC Rivers: Impacts and Influences

  • Teacher Summary (Word)
  • Activity (Word)
Erosion & Sediment Control

Erosion Patrol - Activity 9

Where Is All of Our Soil Going

Student Information Packet Questionnaire

Geological Survey

Cartography Treasure Hunt

  • Teacher Summary (Word
  • Activity (Word)

Evaporite Basins at Home

  • Teacher Summary (Word)
  • Activity (Word)

Mineral Resources in Smart Phones

  • Teacher Summary (Word)
  • Activity (Word)

Contact Our Education Specialists

Air Quality  Annie Lee
Division of Water Resources   Lauren Daniel
Erosion & Sediment Control Rebecca Coppa
Geology Amy Pitts
Albemarle-Pamlico National Estuary Partnership  Stacey Feken