Environmental Justice

Column Paragraph

DEQ's Environmental Justice Program works to ensure the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people regardless of race, color, national origin, or income with respect to the development, implementation and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations and policies.

The Department and its staff adhere to policies and programs for enhanced public participation and nondiscrimination. The law provides that no person shall, on the grounds of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Civil Rights Restoration Action of 1987, the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and all other pertinent nondiscrimination laws and regulations.

DEQ strives to incorporate this perspective into the core mission of the department, along with the legal and scientific lens guiding how DEQ employees pursue their work now. DEQ’s mission, “Provide science-based environmental stewardship for the health and prosperity of all North Carolinians,” can only be accomplished if advancing Environmental Justice is part of every DEQ activity.