2022 NC Erosion & Sediment Control Workshop


December 1, 2022
Full-day in-person option: 8am - 4pm
Half-day virtual option: 8am - 12pm

Presented by: N.C. DEQ – Land Quality Section
In partnership with: Southeast Chapter – International Erosion Control Association (SE-IECA) and NCSU Department of Crop & Soil Science.

Registration information and the agenda is posted to NCSU's website

Please note that PDHs are not being awarded for watching the recordings; they are only being awarded to registrants who attend the live in-person or virtual session.

Webinar Presentations and Materials


Morning Presenters:

Rebecca Coppa, NCDEQ-DEMLR

Presenting: Welcome & Overview

Rebecca has a B.S. in Environmental Engineering and minor in Environmental Science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in Massachusetts and has been with NCDEQ’s Erosion Program for over four years now. 

Julie Coco, PE, DEQ-DEMLR 

Presenting: The State of the State Sedimentation Pollution Control Program (PDF Slides)

Julie Coco is the State Sedimentation Program Engineer for the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality’s Division of Energy, Mineral, and Land Resources. Her experience includes work in private practice and previous work in state government involving flood control, stormwater, erosion control, and permitting. 

Maria Polizzi, NC Forest Service

Presenting: Forestry Update (PDF Slides)

Maria is the Forest Water Quality Senior Specialist with the North Carolina Forest Service, having recently joined NCFS in the beginning of 2022. She has B.S. in Environmental Technology and her M.S. in Soil Science both from NCSU, with prior erosion control experience working in environmental consulting.  

Karyn Pageau, EI, CPESC, Wake County; Chris Ferraguto and Joe Bechtle, Brookfield Properties; Josh Nelson, Sanford Contractors; Chris Seamster - McKim & Creed; Jeff Taylor, Pollution Monitoring Service

Presenting: Case Study - Successful E&SC at Wendell Falls (PDF Slides)

Karyn began her 27-year career in erosion control and conservation, with the federal government on the farm. She then worked for NC state government for approximately 11 years and has transitioned to local government the last 5+ years. She has appreciated being a plan reviewer, inspector, and Assistant State Sediment Specialist to name a few of her roles and enjoys all things Erosion Control.

Chris S. is Regional Manager of McKim & Creed’s land development group in Raleigh and has been with the firm for 21 years. Chris has been involved in land planning and engineering for a wide variety of site development projects over his 27 year career including master planned communities, multi-family, higher education facilities, commercial, industrial, energy sector and golf course design.

Chris F. is the Director of Development for Brookfield Properties in Raleigh. Chris has over 11 years of experience in residential real estate, with nine years dedicated to managing the development of master planned communities. As the Director of Development at Brookfield, Chris is responsible for all aspects of the development process, which includes overseeing site entitlement and due diligence efforts and managing their team of engineers, architects, other consultants and contractors through the design and construction process. Prior to joining Brookfield, Chris was a Project Manager with Freehold Communities, where he managed the development of multiple master planned communities in Austin, Texas and Nashville, Tennessee. 

Josh began working for Sanford Contractors 21 years ago. He began his career with Sanford as a laborer and has climbed to the role of Superintendent. Josh's experience includes the entire site work package from the clearing and grubbing stages of a project until that project is built out. Josh embraces the concept of managing runoff on his site like most have never seen. He currently has approximately 15 mass grading projects in various stages of construction within a multi-phased development that he is managing. On those projects, you can find lots of rolled erosion control products, wattle checks, slope drains, and dense vegetation. Although he utilizes a company for monitoring and reporting NPDES on his sites, after storm events he can be found walking all of his projects to direct crews to perform erosion and sediment control adjustments and repairs.

Joe joined Brookfield Properties Land Development in February 2022 as a Construction Manager responsible for the Wendell Falls and Briar Chapel communities. He is the point of contact for builders in both communities and manages BMP conversions, road turnovers, and special projects. Joe’s prior experience includes 17 years working as a Construction Manager in the residential field for a National and local builder.

Dalton Buchanan, LSS Soil Scientist, NCDAGR-NCDA&CS

Presenting: Digging into Soil (Prezi Slides)

Dalton is a soil scientist for the North Carolina Division of Soil and Water Conservation. Dalton works with soil properties to determine agricultural engineering uses, water table depth, burial sites, and also works to educate students and the community.

Afternoon Field Presenters: 

Dr. Rich McLaughlin 

Dr. Rich McLaughlin has been a professor at NC State University since 1993, focusing on managing stormwater on construction sites to reduce the impacts on water quality. 

Dr. Christina Kranz 

Dr. Christina Kranz is a postdoctoral researcher at North Carolina State University in the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences. Her research focuses on stormwater management and sediment and erosion control. 

Emily Leupp 

Emily Leupp is a second-year masters student in the Biological and Agricultural Engineering department at NC State University. She is working under Dr. Bill Hunt on researching evaluating maintenance requirements and water quality benefits of alternative vegetated and non-vegetated linings in roadside swales. Emily earned her bachelor's degree in Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering from Oklahoma State University (Go Pokes!). Feel free to contact her via email at ecleupp@ncsu.edu

2021 Workshop Handout: Installation & Maintenance Requirements for Roadside Swales (PDF)

Md Mahfuz Islam 

Md Mahfuz Islam is a Ph.D. student with NCSU’s Soil Science Department whose research areas include stormwater and sediment management in road construction sites, organic amendments incorporation, and vegetation cover establishment. Feel free to contact Mahfuz via email at mislam25@ncsu.edu 

Adam Howard 

Adam Howard is originally from Union Grove, NC. He received his B.S. degree in Education from NCSU, minoring in Polymer and Color Chemistry and M.S. in Soil Science in 2014. He joined NCSU’s Heitman Lab in 2007.