Air Quality Contacts

For general inquiries, call (919) 707-8400.

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Section Name Title E-mail Phone
Technical Services O'Neal, Gregg Engineer 919-707-8415
Technical Services Parekh, Samir Stationary Source Compliance Branch Supervisor 919-707-8409
Permits Patnaik, Gautam Engineer 919-707-8735
Technical Services Phillips, Brian Section Chief 919-707-8426
Wilmington Regional Office Sabetti, Tony Environmental Chemist 910-796-7237
Wilmington Regional Office Sanders, Scott Environmental Specialist 910-796-7239
Ambient Monitoring Stroup, James Electronics Technician II 919-745-4308
Permits Thaker, Rahul Branch Supervisor 919-707-8740
Permits Twisdale, Jeff Engineer 919-707-8472
Technical Services Vogel, Shannon Engineer 919-707-8416
Permits Horne, Connie Environmental Senior Specialist 919-707-8722
Planning Zheng, Ming Xie Engineer 919-707-8716
Permits Yoder, Mark Air Quality Analysis Supervisor 919-707-8724
Wilmington Regional Office Armistead, Ashby Engineer 910-796-7215
Winston-Salem Regional Office Bryant, Chris Env. Specialist 336-776-9636
Technical Services Hughes, David Environmental Engineer II 919-707-8411
Raleigh Regional Office Cannon, Marshall Environmental Specialist I 919-791-4200
Planning Navarro, Jonathan Environmental Senior Specialist 919-707-8494
Technical Services Robinson, Julie Environmental Specialist II 919-707-8843
Asheville Regional Office Koerschner, Michael Regional Supervisor 828-296-4550
Planning Manning, Tammy Branch Supervisor 919-707-8717
Permits Martin, Ed Engineer 919-707-8739
Technical Services McKee, Bernard Engineer 919-707-8438
Wilmington Regional Office Newland, Bradley Environmental Program Supervisor IV 910-796-7234
Asheville Regional Office Ballard, Patrick Engineer 828-296-4500
Permits Bland, Brian Engineer 919-707-8732
Ambient Monitoring Bowyer, Jim Chemist III 984-389-4151
Planning Burleson, Joelle Engineering Supervisor 919-707-8720
Ambient Monitoring Butler, Patrick Section Chief 919-707-8719
Wilmington Regional Office Carroll, Dean Engineer 910-796-7215
Mooresville Regional Office Cook, Donna Environmental Specialist 704-663-1699
Permits Cuilla, Mark Section Chief 919-707-8738
Raleigh Regional Office Terry, Kari L. Environmental Technician 919-791-4200
Asheville Regional Office Ensley, Steven Environmental Chemist 828-296-4500
Ambient Monitoring Gold, Kim Office Assistant IV 919-745-4305
Administration Groce, Holly Applications Systems Manager 919-707-8953
Wilmington Regional Office Hodges, Robert Environmental Senior Technician 910-796-7244
Washington Regional Office Huddleston, Betsy Environmental Program Supervisor 252-948-3836
Mooresville Regional Office Hayes, Denise Compliance Supervisor 704-663-1699
Raleigh Regional Office Harris, Thomas Environmental Specialist 919-791-4200
Mooresville Regional Office Foutz, Joe Engineer I -Temporary 704-235-2225
Technical Services Reid, Mike Industrial Hygienist 919-707-8443
Asheville Regional Office Scott, Christopher Engineer 828-296-4500
Raleigh Regional Office Pittman, Dena Engineer 919-791-4200
Asheville Regional Office Davis, Terri Environmental Senior Technician 828-296-4500
Mooresville Regional Office Sherer, Sandra Environmental Specialist 704-663-1699
Winston-Salem Regional Office Barker, Robert Env. Engineer II 336-776-9635
Raleigh Regional Office Helms, Stephen Environmental Specialist 919-791-4200
Planning Pasley, Todd Engineer 919-707-8713
Asheville Regional Office Bamberger, Keith Information & Communications Specialist 828-296-4500
Permits Xiao, Chengqing Environmental Engineer II 919-707-8476
Technical Services Vanderkop, Amy Administrative Specialist II 919-707-8432
Washington Regional Office Jones, Randall Engineer II 252-946-3831
Administration Hartsfield, Taylor Deputy Director 919-707-8497
Wilmington Regional Office Willis, Linda Engineer 910-796-7235
Planning McLamb, Bradley Meteorologist I 919-707-8485
Permits Jones, Nancy Meteorologist II 919-707-8444
Administration Moore, Jerome Graphic Designer 919-707-8439
Winston-Salem Regional Office Palmer, Blair Environmental Specialist 336-776-9645
Permits Saunders, Gary Environmental Engineer III 919-707-8413
Ambient Monitoring Funderburk, Travis Environmental Chemist 919-707-8467
Winston-Salem Regional Office Hafner, Jim Env. Engineer II 336-776-9634
Ambient Monitoring Olcott, James Electronics Technician II 919-745-4319
Raleigh Regional Office Wike, Will Engineer 919-791-4200
Mooresville Regional Office Manning, Jennifer Engineer 704-235-2224
Fayetteville Regional Office Carter, Heather Environmental Program Supervisor 910-433-3361
Mooresville Regional Office Wolanin, Melinda Regional Supervisor 704-235-2230
Permits Braswell, Russell Engineer III 919-707-8731
Washington Regional Office Byrd, Doug Environmental Specialist 252-948-3830
Planning Nelson, Bradley Environmental Engineer I 919-707-8705
Mooresville Regional Office Papuga, Robert Environmental Chemist 704-663-1699
Administration Abraczinskas, Michael Director 919-707-8447
Washington Regional Office Bright, Robert Engineer 252-948-3829
Permits Voelker, Joseph Engineer 919-707-8730
Mooresville Regional Office Chappin, Paul Environmental Chemist 704-663-1699
Technical Services Willis, Dave Environmental Program Consultant 919-745-4322
Technical Services Vu, Thaochi Environmental Engineer II 919-707-8433
Washington Regional Office Sides, Jennifer McHone Environmental Senior Specialist 252-948-3834
Planning Barrows, Robin Environmental Program Supervisor II 919-707-8445
Ambient Monitoring House, Derrick Electronics Technician IV / ECB Supervisor 919-745-4315
Administration Odulapalli, Suneetha Applications Specialist 919-707-8957
Raleigh Regional Office Reske, Jimmy Environmental Senior Technician 919-791-4200
Ambient Monitoring Locklear, Roger Electronics Technician III 919-745-4304
Winston-Salem Regional Office Murphy, Davis Regional Supervisor 336-776-9644
Ambient Monitoring Doctor, Johnny Electronics Tech II 919-745-4306
Winston-Salem Regional Office Governale, Leo Engineer 336-776-9638
Ambient Monitoring Walters, Steven Chemist II 984-389-4159
Technical Services Drake, Alan Engineer 919-707-8493
Planning Pickett, Carrie Engineer 919-707-8463
Raleigh Regional Office Skelding, Timothy Environmental Chemist 919-791-4270
Ambient Monitoring Hakizimana, Alphonse Electronics Tech II 919-745-4309
Planning Strait, Randy Environmental Program Manager I 919-707-8721
Ambient Monitoring Thomas, Sahid R. Electronics Technician II 919-745-4302
Ambient Monitoring Gobel, Jeff Environmental Chemist 919-707-8457
Washington Regional Office Tidd, Kurt Engineer 252-948-3827
Ambient Monitoring Lane, Mike Environmental Chemist 919-707-8425
Winston-Salem Regional Office De Oleo, Adriana Environmental Engineer I 336-776-9643
Asheville Regional Office Lingle, Arnold Environmental Specialist I 828-296-4549
Winston-Salem Regional Office Kelly-Rajan, Arun Environmental Engineer I 336-776-9640
Ambient Monitoring Rosenboom, Halle Environmental Specialist I 984-389-4158
Mooresville Regional Office Allen, Mary Environmental Specialist I 704-235-2221
Business Office Collie, Sherri Business Officer I 919-707-8498
Ambient Monitoring Dehart, Jake Electronics Tech II 919-745-4307
Asheville Regional Office Ali, Amro Engineer 828-296-4500
Planning Bollman, Andrew Environmental Program Consultant 919-707-8499
Ambient Monitoring Roberts, Kay Environmental Chemist 919-707-8455
Administration Patel, Amita Applications Systems Analyst II 919-707-8952
Raleigh Regional Office Reddix, Dawn Regional Supervisor 919-791-4289
Administration Staton, Cynthia Administrative Secretary III 919-707-8401
Raleigh Regional Office Harris, Jeff Environmental Engineer 919-791-4280
Permits Crump, Eric Engineer 919-707-8470
Ambient Monitoring Meadows, Marcus Electronics Tech II 919-745-4314
Raleigh Regional Office Huang, Sindy Engineer I 919-791-4276
Mooresville Regional Office Huang, Brian Engineer I 704-235-2210
Permits Akter, Suraiya Environmental Engineer I 919-707-8842
Mooresville Regional Office McCreary, Ashley Engineer I 704-235-2211
Raleigh Regional Office Gallegos, Rex Environmental Engineer I 919-791-4279
Planning Crenshaw, Amanda Environmental Specialist 919-707-8844
Ambient Monitoring Raff, Ella Environmental Chemist 919-707-8841
Fayetteville Regional Office Graham, Kristina Environmental Specialist I 910-433-3365
Raleigh Regional Office Lewis, Jimmy Environmental Engineer I 919-791-4272
Technical Services Robinson, Sandra TEMP 919-707-8435
Ambient Monitoring Delinsky, Amy Chemist II 984-389-4142
Wilmington Regional Office Rowland, Kevin Environmental Specialist 910-796-7321
Asheville Regional Office Lance, Kevin Environmental Specialist 828-289-4555
Ambient Monitoring Mangum, Alicia Environmental Specialist II 984-389-4160
Technical Services Rice, Steven Stationary Source Compliance Branch Supervisor 919-707-8404
Fayetteville Regional Office Cole, Jeffrey Environmental Engineer I (Permit Coordinator) 910-433-3374
Ambient Monitoring Ginn, Scott Elec. Tech III 919-715-1761
Permits Supple, Emily Environmental Engineer II 919-707-8481
Technical Services Fort, Taylor Engineer II 919-707-8431
Administration Taylor, Shawn Public Information Officer 919-707-8446
Ambient Monitoring Wisnowski, Daniel Environmental Specialist temp 919-707-8454
Planning Millis, Janina Information & Communication Specialist I 919-707-8710
Planning Ditzler-Cordero, Nikole Engineer 919-707-8706
Ambient Monitoring Lemon, Meredith Environmental Specialist I 984-389-4144
Ambient Monitoring Roberts, Ken Chemist I 984-389-4155
Mooresville Regional Office Gantt, Randy Environmental Specialist I 704-235-2226
Raleigh Regional Office Adkins, Andrew Environmental Technician II 919-791-4269
Fayetteville Regional Office McCandless, Rob Environmental Program Consultant / Regional Compliance Coordinator 910-433-3362
Administration Jones, Johnny Applications Systems Analyst I 919-707-8956
Business Office Minich, Wendy Human Resources Representative 919-707-8491
Technical Services Hall, Brent Engineer 919-707-8427
Ambient Monitoring Hornberger, Kimberly Environmental Program Consultant 919-707-8460
Winston-Salem Regional Office Gray, Thomas Environmental Specialist 336-776-9647
Winston-Salem Regional Office Khan, Mohammad Environmental Chemist 336-776-9649
Ambient Monitoring Bhaumik, Chaitali Chemist II 984-389-4154
Fayetteville Regional Office Caulder, Roger Environmental Technician II 910-433-4276
Fayetteville Regional Office Turner, Mike Environmental Specialist I 910-433-3377
Permits Eslambolchi, Massoud "Max" Engineer II 919-707-8728
Raleigh Regional Office Dabinett, John Environmental Engineer II 919-791-4281
Permits McKee, Justin Meteorologist 919-707-8840
Business Office Hinton-Finch, Catina HR Technician 919-707-8490
Mooresville Regional Office Kurek, Karyn Environmental Engineer II 704-235-2220
Technical Services Albright, Scott Environmental Specialist 919-707-8421
Technical Services Blanchard, Sheila Environmental Program Consultant 919-707-8423
Washington Regional Office Langley, Andrew Environmental Senior Technician 252-948-3841
Planning Kreuser, Sara Meteorologist 919-707-8487
Technical Services Hoskins, Matthew Environmental Specialist II 919-707-8424
Permits Larson, Jacob Engineer I 919-707-8407
Planning Hall, Brittany Emission Inventory Coordinator 919-707-8403
Ambient Monitoring Willetts-Albright, Amy Admin Specialist I 984-389-4152
Ambient Monitoring Roberts, Ernest Electronics Technician II 919-745-4301
Ambient Monitoring Koopmann, Andrew Chemist I 984-389-4153
Planning Hosken, Ashley Environmental Engineer I 919-707-8701
Permits Cogdell, Conzuela Environmental Engineer II 919-707-8458
Permits Tiddy, Alex Meteorologist 919-707-8725
Permits Mayer, Luke Engineer I 919-707-8727
Ambient Monitoring Allen, Stephen Environmental Program Consultant 919-707-8043
Administration Kamireddy, Devi Applications Systems Analyst II 919-707-8955
Wilmington Regional Office Dunston, Jmanda Engineer 1 910-796-7238
Ambient Monitoring Pope, Jeremy Environmental Program Supervisor II 919-707-8459
Winston-Salem Regional Office Dyson, Ryan Environmental Specialist 336-776-9650
Technical Services Hawthorne, Chrissy Administrative Specialist I 919-707-8422
Planning Quinlan, Katherine Branch Supervisor 919-707-8702
Raleigh Regional Office Jones, Phillip Specialist I 919-791-4282
Ambient Monitoring Little, Joel Electronics Technician II 984-389-4157
Business Office Butler, Lisa Business Officer 919-707-8488
Fayetteville Regional Office Cornelius, Krishonda Environmental Specialist I 910-433-3367
Winston-Salem Regional Office Smith, Jackson Environmental Specialist I 336-776-9641
Mooresville Regional Office Fatima, Afroze Environmental Engineer I 704-235-2217
Asheville Regional Office Glass, Allison Environmental Specialist I 828-296-4557
Raleigh Regional Office Kadir, Abdul Env Engineer I 919-791-4287
Fayetteville Regional Office Hamil, Taijah Environmental Engineer I 910-433-3373
Fayetteville Regional Office Loehman, Joshua Environmental Engineer I 910-433-3375
Raleigh Regional Office Easter, Taylor Environmental Engineer I 919-791-4200
Mooresville Regional Office Hall, Seth Engineer I 704-235-2228
Mooresville Regional Office Stewart, Amir Environmental Engineer II 704-235-2209
Asheville Regional Office Hipp, Isabelle Environmental Engineer I 828-296-4551
Winston-Salem Regional Office Sutton, Deionta Environmental Engineer 336-776-9642
Washington Regional Office Huter, Connelly Environmental Specialist I 252-948-3828
Business Office Griffis, Angela Procurement Technician 919-707-8408

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