SO2 Average Values for 2010-2012 in NC Counties

Sulfur dioxide (SO2) is monitored in several counties on an intermittent basis that does not provide 3-year or longer term averages. Such averages are available in five counties we present below. In 2012, none of these counties had a three-year average of the 99th percentile exceeding the daily standard.

A map of North Carolina counties with sulfur dioxide ninety-ninth percentile averages from 2010 to 2012.

Table 1. The following table shows 3-year averages for the 99th percentile of daily maximum SO2 concentrations. The first column lists the county, the second lists the average value for that county. One county, New Hanover, reached 96 percent of the national ambient standard of 75 PPB. The other counties ranged between only 16 percent to 35 percent of the standard.

County Average 99th Percentile
Beaufort 26.0 PPB
Forsyth 12.0 PPB
Mecklenburg 14.0 PPB
New Hanover 72.0 PPB
Wake 13.0 PPB