DAQ Grants Management System

To apply for a mobile source grant from DEQ's Division of Air Quality, such as the Mobile Sources Emissions Reductions Grant, you must request access to the DAQ Grants Management System (GMS) and submit your application through this online portal. Instructions for doing so are below. 

If you already have access to the GMS, you can skip steps 1 and 2, and log in to the Enterprise Business Service at the following link: 

GMS Login

How to Apply

  • 1

    Register for an NCID

    New DAQ Grants Management System users must first register for an individual NCID (How to Create a NCID) on the Identity Manager Dashboard (nc.gov) prior to requesting access to the DAQ Grants Management System.

    NCIDs must use the following format or your request for access will be denied. NCIDs with a company or organization name will not be accepted.

    • First name or initial
    • Middle initial (optional)
    • Last name
    • Number (if name is already in use)

    Example for John D. Doe, options for his NCID are:

    • Jdsmith
    • Johndsmith123
    • John.smith123

    The NCID and email used to register the NCID must also match the name and email address on your Enterprise Business Services External Request Application or the request will be denied. 

    Select NCDEQ - DEPT. OF AIR QUALITY from the dropdown menu. 

    Requests typically take up to a week to be processed. Do not wait until the week of the application deadline to request your NCID. We will not be able to guarantee you will have access before the application closes. 

    NCID Identity Manager Dashboard

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    Request access to the DAQ Grants Management System

    After submitting your NCID request, you must then complete and submit the online Enterprise Business Services External Request Application.

    You must also complete and email a State of North Carolina Substitute W-9 Form to daq.mscb.ncdaqgrants@deq.nc.gov to get registered in the DAQ Grants Management System. Federal W-9 forms will not be accepted.

    You will not have access to the Grants Management system until your request has been processed and you receive a “Welcome to Enterprise Business System (EBS) Portal” email.

    Third party GMS Access Authorization Forms

    In cases where the applicant has a third-party submitting applications on their behalf, the following procedures must be followed.

    1. Provide in an email along with your State of North Carolina W-9 (for your organization) authorizing the third-party to submit an application and/or reimbursement information on your behalf.
    2. The third-party will need to obtain their own NCID and complete the online Enterprise Business Services External Access Request Application with your organization’s address information and the third-party’s phone number and email address. The third-party should be listed as a contractor on the form.
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    Complete and submit an online application

    DEQ will only accept applications  submitted through the DAQ Grant Management System website.

    Once registered and logged into the DAQ Grants Management System, you will have access to tutorials on how to use the system, submitting applications and submitting claims.

    NOTE: You will need to know the Program ID for the grant you are applying for. You will need to select the correct Program ID in the DAQ Grants Management System when you apply. Program IDs are in the form of NCDEQDAQ0000 and can be found in the corresponding Request for Proposals (RFP) document or DEQ's website. 

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    Grant Management System Overview

Technical Information

More information about this process is found in the GMS User Manual.

Supported Browsers

Only current versions of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 are supported.

Need Help?

If you are experiencing NCID authentication errors, login and logoff at NCID: https://NCID.nc.gov. Then reattempt EBS logon. If you have an issue with your NCID click "Contact Us" on the NCID webpage. NCID passwords expire every 90 days. If your NCID account is locked, follow the instructions for unlocking your account and changing your password.

For application specific support or unregistered users, contact the DAQ program manager for the grant you are applying to, or email daq.mscb.ncdaqgrants@deq.nc.gov