2022 Grant Awards Announced

The Division of Air Quality has awarded $1,369,000 in grants for projects to reduce air pollution from diesel powered mobile sources. Overall these projects will reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions by 40 tons over the lifetime of the equipment or vehicles funded.

List of Awarded Projects

Program Details

The North Carolina Division of Air Quality (DAQ) administers the Mobile Sources Emissions Reduction Program to fund the replacement of older diesel vehicles with cleaner alternatives. The goal of the program is to achieve signification reductions in diesel emissions, including nitrogen oxides (NOx) and greenhouse gases.

Mobile Sources Emissions Reduction grants can fund a wide range of projects. Projects include: 

  • Repowering on-road and nonroad equipment with newer, cleaner engines
  • Replacing old on-road and nonroad equipment with new, cleaner vehicles
  • Converting vehicles to run on alternative fuels
  • Expanding medium and heavy duty electric vehicle usage throughout the state

Any private or public sector entity with a physical presence in North Carolina is eligible to apply. All original equipment or vehicles must be operational in the previous two years and the replacement equipment or vehicle must be operated at least 70% in North Carolina for the next 5 years.


The Mobile Sources Emissions Reduction program is funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA) program. Funds may be supplemented with North Carolina Volkswagen Mitigation Trust funds.

2022 Grant Program

In 2022, approximately $1,369,000 was available in the program to replace diesel vehicles. Based on the number of proposals received and the available funding, DAQ will reserve the right to award less than the total amount requested in any application. 

For more information, read the official grant program Request for Proposal guidance.

Grant timeline

Task Date
Request for Proposals released - Application open September 12, 2022
Question and answer session on RFP and DAQ Grant Management System September 28, 2022
Application closes in DAQ Grant Management System November 14, 2022
Application review and project selection December 2022
Award Notifications January - February 2023
Contract processing  February - March 2023
Project Completion September 30, 2023

Project Eligibility

Use our DERA Eligibility tool to determine project eligibility and cost share requirements.


Documents and Workshops

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Before you submit your application, check your eligibility in the RFP.

When the application opens in your browser, download and save to your computer using the name format: YourOrganization_ProjectTitle_DERA_Application.

Download the Spreadsheet

When the spreadsheet opens in your browser, download and save to your computer using the name format: YourOrganization_ProjectTitle_DERA_Application.

Download Required Attachments Checklist

A sample application from data entered into the DAQ Grants Management System and Vehicle spreadsheet are provided below.

Example DERG Application

Example DERG Application Spreadsheet

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September 28, 2022

2022 DERA Program Webinar 09/28/2022

View the recording of the DERA Program webinar held on Sept. 28, 2022.

Download the webinar presentation.