Wood, Generation and Combustion of "Waste"

NC has a large timber resource and many related industries, particularly furniture. Many emission sources within these industries, such as wood waste combustion are not well tested and characterized for Criteria, Hazardous (US) or Toxic (NC) pollutants. Consequently, many judgement calls often must be made. In addition, the American Furniture Manufacturer's Association has asked for several clarifications, pleaded for regional consistency and taken issue with DAQ positions on estimation of emissions for several processes on several occasions. The information below summarizes some of the standardized assumptions, questions, and responses to AFMA letters that have been documented and which should be used consistently in DAQ where appropriate.

Draft of Estimating Emissions From Generation and Combustion of "Waste" Wood (July 15, 1998)

EPA AP-42 Section 1.6 (Revised 2/99)

Wood Products Emission Estimation Task Force Members and Reviewers: (9/98)
Michael Koerschner, Laura Herbert - ARO- Lead Region
Lisa Edwards, Myron Whitley - WSRO
Betsy Huddleston, Vic Copelan - WaRO
Hoke Kimball - RRO
Michael Pjetraj, Mike Aldridge, Kirk Foster - Technical Services Section
Bob Wooten, Jim Southerland, Brock Nicholson - Planning Section
Sammy Amerson, Tony Pendola, John Evans - Permits Section
Keith Overcash - Deputy Director, DAQ

Pertinent Procedural and Informative Letters and Memoranda (in reverse chronological order)