Urban Air Toxics Network (UAT)

 The NC Division of Air Quality (DAQ) operates the urban air toxics (UAT) monitoring network in conjunction with the national program, originally proposed and designed by the U.S. EPA in 1999. The UAT monitoring network was started as part of the EPA's effort to address toxic air pollutant emissions in urban areas.

Currently, the UAT consists of seven sites, six urban and one rural. UAT air monitoring is regularly conducted for volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Monitoring for selected aldehydes are conducted on a more limited basis at three sites. 

UAT Sites Information

Site Name Type County Address Location AQS No.
AB Tech Urban Buncombe AB Technical College 
Asheville, NC
N35° 34' 20" 
W82° 33' 32"
Garinger Urban Mecklenburg Garinger High School 
Charlotte, NC
N35° 14' 25" 
W80° 47' 08"
Hattie Ave Urban Forsyth Hattie Avenue 
Winston-Salem, NC
N36° 06' 38" 
W80°13' 36"
Candor Rural Montgomery 112 Perry Drive 
Candor, NC
N35° 15' 45" 
W79° 50' 09"
Blackstone Urban Lee 4110 Blackstone Dr. 
Sanford, NC
N35° 25' 56" 
W79°17' 19"
Millbrook Urban Wake Millbrook Middle School 
Raleigh, NC
N35° 51' 22" 
W78° 34' 27"
Battleship Urban New Hanover Battleship Drive 
Wilmington, NC
N34° 14' 08" 
W77° 57' 21"

The UAT monitoring network is a collaborative effort coordinated between state and local agencies:

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Environmental Chemist 
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