Due to changes in state law, the application fee structure has changed. See our Fees page for more information.

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The North Carolina Dam Safety Program provides oversight of more than 3,000 dams statewide, working to provide for the certification and inspection of dams to reduce the risk of failure of dams; to prevent property damage, personal injury, and loss of reservoir storage; and to ensure maintenance of minimum flows of adequate quantity and quality below dams.

N.C. Dam Inventory, Applications Review Queue, and Funding Opportunities

View and download the N.C. Dam Inventory, Applications Review Queue, and Notice of Funding Opportunity files using the following links. 

N.C. Dam Inventory: Excel | GIS

N.C. Dam Applications Review Queue

Notice of Funding Opportunity: High Hazard Dam Rehabilitation Program

Funding Opportunity: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Water Infrastructure Financing Program (CWIFP) | Eligibility

Dam-Safety-Related Videos for Dam Owners

The Association of State Dam Safety Officials provides dam-safety-related videos for dam owners. Each video (below) is approximately 10 minutes long.

Dam Safety Program News

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