NPDES Phase I and Phase II Stormwater Guidance



In 2007, Session Law 2006-246 expanded stormwater post-construction control requirements into designated Phase II areas, beyond those cities with NPDES Phase II MS4 permits. These areas include certain "tipped counties" , and unincorporated areas that fall within urbanizing areas and "municipal spheres of influence" (MSI) around Phase II cities and towns. This law significantly expanded the area in which NC DEMLR must issue State Stormwater permits for development (see this PDF map of Phase II areas). In 2012, this program was codified in 15A NCAC 2H .1000. Note that some tipped counties are coastal counties where the Coastal Stormwater Rules apply (see the Coastal Counties tab to the left).


Phase II Designated Local Governments

Phase II Designation Updates

Phase II Annual Stormwater Management Program Reports

Phase II MS4 Annual Report (Electronic Submittal) (link to SWMPA login)
Instructions for completing report  

Model Ordinances

Phase II Model Ordinance (Permits issued after July 1, 2006)   (PDF) 
Universal Stormwater Management Plan (USMP) Model Ordinance   (PDF)
USMP Model Ordinance Checklist   (PDF) 

Other Resources

Self-sustaining MS4 Program Guidance
Measurable Goals Guidance for Small MS4s (EPA Document)
Incorporating Green Infrastructure (EPA Water Quality Scorecard Document)
NC Low Impact Development Guide (NCSU/Cooperative Extension)
EPA Phase II MS4 Permit Improvement Guide
Stormwater Program Resources for Local Governments
NCDOT's BMP Tool Box for Public Transportation
Overview of Stormwater Programs in DEMLR (M. Randall, August 2013)
Stormwater Management at Airports - April 2013


Inspection Guidance and Checklists

Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping Presentation
MS4 Compliance Inspection Checklist (MS Word), includes municipal operations and industrial activities
Sample BMPs for MS4s and Industrial Activities
Sample MS4 Turnover Folder Sections
Sample MS4 Spill Report
Sample Training Record
Sample OWS Inspection Record
Sample Stormwater Control Device Inspection
Sample General Site Condition Inspection Checklist
Sample Solid Waste Containers Inspection Checklist
Sample Tanks and Containers Inspection Checklist
EPA and OSHA Regulatory Training Citations

MS4 NPDES Application Forms

Title Forms
MS4 (Small) Individual Permit Application Phase II MS4 Application Flowchart

Application Instructions

Small MS4 Permit Application

Small MS4 Permit Application
MS4 (Small) Permit by Rule Application Application Instructions

Permit by Rule Application

Permit by Rule Application
MS4 Non-owner/Non-operation Certification MS4 Non-owner/Non-operation Form
MS4 Stormwater Management Program Report Instructions for Completing Report
MS4 Renewal MS4 Renewal Application
MS4 Renewal for Dept. of Defense MS4 Renewal Application for DoD