Interactive Map for Current Rules

COLREGS Demarcation Lines

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Program at the Division of Marine Fisheries provides mapping and other support for DMF projects. The GIS products are used to support many DMF programs, which include fisheries rules and proclamations, fishery management plans, enforcement, and habitat plans.

The maps on this page are those specified in Marine Fisheries Commission rule. To see the maps associated with proclamations, go to the Fisheries Management Proclamations webpage. To view an interactive map of temporary and permanent shellfish closures, go to the Polluted Area Proclamations webpage. The Commission’s rules can be found on the Rules webpage.

This map application was produced for illustrative purposes as a guide to assist the public in interpreting rules of the N.C. Marine Fisheries Commission as recorded in the N.C. Administrative Code. This application does not cover all of the Commission’s rules. Additional rules will be added to the application as staff prepares them for the spatial platform. Users can print maps directly from the application, if needed.

If this interactive map is not displaying properly, please view it in a standalone browser window.