Recreational Water Quality Sampling Locations

The N.C. Recreational Water Quality Program samples waters at public access locations throughout the coastal portion of the state. The programs jurisdiction lies within the same boundaries as the Coastal Recreational Fishing License. Monitoring areas are identified based on public accessibility and are classified based on recreational use, referred to as tiers. Tier 1 areas are used daily during the swimming season, April 1 – Oct. 30, and are sampled weekly. Tier 2 areas are defined as non-daily use and are sampled twice a month. The list below includes all the current monitoring locations along the North Carolina coast.

Printable List of Sampling Locations

C115A BEAUFORT Ragged Point swim area in the Pamlico River near Washington sound 1 NC442154
N87 BEAUFORT Public access to Pantego Creek loacted at the intersection of E. Main St. and Tooley St. In Belhaven sound 1 NC483929
C111 BEAUFORT Pamlico River- Washington- Railroad Trestle sound 2 NC556462
C111A BEAUFORT Pamlico River- City Park sound 2 NC105938
C112A BEAUFORT SE of Austin Pt- Pamlico River sound 2 NC482470
C117A BEAUFORT Pamlico River- Tripp Point Recrational Area sound 2 NC968346
C118 BEAUFORT Pamlico River- Maul's Point sound 2 NC778708
C119A BEAUFORT E Shore of Blounts Bay- Pamlico River sound 2 NC575571
C120A BEAUFORT W of Hills Point- Pamlico River sound 2 NC808817
C126A BEAUFORT Pamlico River- Junction of Upper Goose Creek and Dinah's Landing sound 2 NC635491
S1 BRUNSWICK Public access at 40th and Main St. ocean 1 NC499745
S10 BRUNSWICK Ferry Road public access ocean 1 NC698990
S10A BRUNSWICK Public access at 30th Place West and Beach Dr. ocean 1 NC998441
S10B BRUNSWICK Middleton public access - Oak Island ocean 1 NC642326
S10C BRUNSWICK 20th Place West in Oak Island ocean 1 NC521331
S10D BRUNSWICK 10th Place West in Oak Island ocean 1 NC892936
S10E BRUNSWICK 48th Place West in Oak Island ocean 1 NC654550
S10F BRUNSWICK 57th Place West in Oak Island ocean 1 NC457651
S10G BRUNSWICK Last access near 69th Place West in Oak Island ocean 1 NC517459
S11A BRUNSWICK Beach access near Capt. Jacks on Holden Beach ocean 1 NC187482
S13 BRUNSWICK Ocean pier between 14th and 15th Place East and Beach Dr. ocean 1 NC873506
S13A BRUNSWICK Public access, Southeast 46th St and E. Beach Drive - Oak Island ocean 1 NC894449
S13B BRUNSWICK Public access, Southeast 58th St and E. Beach Drive - Oak Island ocean 1 NC384247
S13C BRUNSWICK 29th Place East in Oak island ocean 1 NC404663
S14A BRUNSWICK Public access at Ocean Dr. and Keziah St. ocean 1 NC742373
S14B BRUNSWICK SE 74th St. (Oak Island) ocean 1 NC143620
S15 BRUNSWICK Caswell Beach public Access off Caswell Beach Rd. ocean 1 NC449749
S15A BRUNSWICK Lighthouse Park; Caswell Beach Rd. - Caswell Beach ocean 1 NC497594
S16A BRUNSWICK Beach access between Bald Head Harbor entrance and Bald Head Cr. sound 1 NC569455
S16B BRUNSWICK South Beach area- Beach access # 17 ocean 1 NC191050
S16C BRUNSWICK East Beach area- Beach access #42 ocean 1 NC895384
S2 BRUNSWICK Ocean pier at Main St. and Sunset Blvd. ocean 1 NC758778
S3 BRUNSWICK Public access, east end Sunset beach ocean 1 NC848108
S5 BRUNSWICK Ocean Pier at Causeway and First St. ocean 1 NC175823
S5A BRUNSWICK Public access at Dawson Street - Ocean Isle Beach ocean 1 NC379310
S5B BRUNSWICK Public access at Driftwood Street - Ocean Isle Beach ocean 1 NC442815
S6 BRUNSWICK Public access at First and Chadbourn St. ocean 1 NC463026
S6A BRUNSWICK Greensboro St. emergency vehicle access ocean 1 NC971811
S6B BRUNSWICK Public Beach Access at Newport Street in Ocean Isle Beach ocean 1 NC427139
S6C BRUNSWICK Public access at Shallotte Blvd. Ocean Isle Beach ocean 1 NC164372
S9 BRUNSWICK Ocean pier at Ocean Blvd. And Durham St. ocean 1 NC576773
S9A BRUNSWICK Public access just west of Mile marker #1 ocean 1 NC975034
S9B BRUNSWICK Public access at Dolphin Street Holden Beach ocean 1 NC345154
S9C BRUNSWICK Public access, east end Holden Beach ocean 1 NC140790
S9D BRUNSWICK Public access, at Starfish Dr. Holden Beach ocean 1 NC861543
S35A BRUNSWICK Intracoastal Waterway, public park at end of Sailfish Street near Holden Beach sound 2 NC451008
S37 BRUNSWICK ICW, soundside access at E. end of ocean Isle Bch. sound 2 NC803771
S43A BRUNSWICK Cape Fear River, beach area adjacent to municipal pier at the end of S. Davis St. in Southport sound 2 NC642348
C10A CARTERET Public Access near Fawn Drive in Emerald Isle ocean 1 NC952661
C10B CARTERET AO- Public Beach Access on Wyndtree Drive just east of the junction of Coast Guard Rd. and Wyndtree Dr. ocean 1 NC511988
C2 CARTERET Fort Macon public beach access at Picnic Park Drive in Atlantic Beach ocean 1 NC643293
C3 CARTERET Public beach access at the end of Henderson Boulevard in Atlantic Beach ocean 1 NC895537
C3A CARTERET Public beach access at the end of New Bern St. in Atlantic Beach ocean 1 NC345060
C4 CARTERET public beach access off Atlantic Boulevard in Atlantic Beach ocean 1 NC714613
C48C CARTERET Morehead City - Drain Pipe at 16th street sound 1 NC727802
C4A CARTERET Public beach access at mile post 4 1/2 off N.C. 58 in Atlantic Beach ocean 1 NC343007
C4B CARTERET Public Beach access at Memorial Park near mile marker 6 in PKS ocean 1 NC737019
C5 CARTERET Mile marker 7 1/2, oceanside ocean 1 NC115357
C51C CARTERET Public Access to Bogue Sound at Sunset Drive in Morehead City sound 1 NC471787
C55A CARTERET North side mouth of Town Creek in Beaufort sound 1 NC189579
C57 CARTERET Radio Island Public Beach Access off Marine Drive on Radio Island sound 1 NC101248
C5A CARTERET Pine Knoll Shores - Just east of mile marker 8 1/2 - Hwy 58 east ocean 1 NC152475
C6 CARTERET public beach access located 1/2 mile W of mile marker 10 off N.C. 58 in Salter Path ocean 1 NC120547
C69A CARTERET Park Service Dock in Barden Inlet sound 1 NC888920
C69C CARTERET 2 1/4 miles north of Cape Pt near Barden Inlet on Core Banks ocean 1 NC106127
C6A CARTERET Public beach access at mile marker 12 off N.C. 58 in Indian Beach ocean 1 NC102958
C7 CARTERET public beach access at mile marker 15 off N.C. 58 in Emerald Isle ocean 1 NC244236
C8 CARTERET public beach access at mile marker 19 1/2 at the end of Bogue Inlet Drive adjacent to ocean pier in Emerald Isle ocean 1 NC147416
C9 CARTERET Western Ocean Regional Access off Islander Drive in Emerald Isle ocean 1 NC475791
C30 CARTERET Ski Beach off the ICW adjacent to the Bogue Inlet Channel in Cedar Point sound 2 NC254979
C30A CARTERET Bogue Inlet mouth of Coast Guard Channel sound 2 NC377628
C31A CARTERET Sound-side park public access in Capen Carteret at Manatee St sound 2 NC615139
C33A CARTERET Emerald Woods sound-side public access near Burden Channel sound 2 NC927355
C34A CARTERET Wildlife Boat Ramp in EI at the south-side mouth of Archer Creek sound 2 NC456163
C35A CARTERET Public sound-side access at the end of Bogue Sound Dr in Cape Carteret sound 2 NC722475
C36 CARTERET Bogue Sound- Goose Creek, off campground near Bogue sound 2 NC623291
C39A CARTERET Spoils Island off Salty Shores near Ocean sound 2 NC272309
C40 CARTERET Bogue Sound- E side of Mouth of Gales Creek sound 2 NC320933
C40A CARTERET PKS Aquarium Dock - sound-side sound 2 NC637063
C47A CARTERET Bogue Sound- Canal Leading to Moonlite Bay sound 2 NC411851
C47B CARTERET Spoil Island just west of Atlantic Beach high rise bridge in Morehead City sound 2 NC160448
C48B CARTERET 50 yards east of NC Marine Fisheries Dock at CCC Aquatic Education Location sound 2 NC135340
C51 CARTERET Bogue Sound- Boat Landing Tourist Center sound 2 NC659044
C51B CARTERET West end of Sugarloaf Island, Moreheach City sound 2 NC958671
C53A CARTERET Newport River public access northwest of U.S. 70 high-rise bridge near Morehead City sound 2 NC852484
C54A CARTERET Western tip of Bird Shoals on Racheal Carson Reserve sound 2 NC907794
C55B CARTERET 100 yds. NE Gallant's Channel Bridge in Beaufort sound 2 NC381539
C56 CARTERET Taylor's Creek at post office dock sound 2 NC179171
C56A CARTERET Lennoxville Boat Ramp sound 2 NC730320
C58 CARTERET Shackelford Banks- nun bouy #2 near Beaufort sound 2 NC997135
C59A CARTERET Shackelford Banks- by restrooms sound 2 NC380630
C60A CARTERET Knob Island- N side sound 2 NC935797
C62 CARTERET Public swimming area at the west end of North River Bridge off U.S. 70 near Otway sound 2 NC951761
C64 CARTERET Swimming area located on the southwest side of Harkers Island bridge sound 2 NC341418
C65A CARTERET Brown's Island public beach in Core Sound near Harkers Island sound 2 NC852895
C66 CARTERET Core Sd.- Shell point off Harkers Island sound 2 NC626501
C69D CARTERET Midway up the inside of the Cape Lookout hook sound 2 NC347773
C75A CARTERET 400 yds SE of Bean Island off Core Banks sound 2 NC861560
C7B CARTERET Bouge Sound- W Salter Path, ~200 yds off of Wam Squam Ln sound 2 NC429821
C81A CARTERET Cedar Is - Bch area SE of Wildlife Ramp adjacent to Ferry Landing sound 2 NC434812
C81B CARTERET Cedar Island - Beach area west of ferry landing off Sand View Drive sound 2 NC134999
C85 CARTERET W side of mouth of South River in South River sound 2 NC586930
C100A CRAVEN Neuse River- Union Point sound 2 NC558811
C104 CRAVEN Neuse River- Flanner's Beach near Havelock sound 2 NC193701
C105B CRAVEN MOUTH OF SLOCUM CREEK,North Side Beach sound 2 NC821771
C106A CRAVEN HANCOCK CREEK - at public boat ramp near Havelock sound 2 NC905913
C107 CRAVEN Neuse River- Pine Cliff Recreation Area sound 2 NC619539
C110A CRAVEN East of Pine Cliff SR 167 near Havelock sound 2 NC608977
C99 CRAVEN Neuse River- 200 yds. N of mouth of North West Creek sound 2 NC461235
N1 CURRITUCK Corolla Ramp, end of paved Rd. ocean 1 NC790915
N1A CURRITUCK AO- 2.8 miles N of Corolla Ramp ocean 1 NC109355
N2 CURRITUCK Ocean-side of Corolla Village Road near the lighthouse in Corolla ocean 1 NC856780
N3 CURRITUCK Corolla, Albacore St. Beach Access ocean 1 NC542433
N4 CURRITUCK Currituck S Beach Access at Pine island ocean 1 NC846710
N12 DARE Bath House on SR 1206 in Kitty Hawk ocean 1 NC933106
N12A DARE Beach Access at Sportsman Dr. ocean 1 NC992884
N12C DARE Prospect Ave Beach Access ocean 1 NC332962          
N14 DARE Bath House at Ocean Bay Blvd ocean 1 NC196750
N14A DARE Drain Pipe at Oregon St ocean 1 NC148512
N15 DARE Drain Pipe at Lake Dr beach access ocean 1 NC701853
N16 DARE Drain Pipe at mile post 10.5 ocean 1 NC952496
N16A DARE Drain Pipe at Curlew Street ocean 1 NC297658
N16B DARE Public beach access at E. Abalone Street ocean 1 NC669365
N16C DARE Public beach access at E. Blackman Street ocean 1 NC845140
N16D DARE Public beach access just S. of E. Hollowell Street ocean 1 NC706960
N17 DARE Drain Pipe at Conch Street ocean 1 NC675298
N17A DARE Drain Pipe at mile post 12.5 ocean 1 NC703962
N17B DARE Public beach access 380 yards SE of Conch St. ocean 1 NC194415
N17C DARE Public beach access 200 yards NW of mile marker 12.5 ocean 1 NC174377
N18 DARE Nags Head Bath House at mile post 15 ocean 1 NC888506
N19A DARE 100 FT- North of Jennettes Pier ocean 1 NC325364
N22 DARE Drain Pipe at S Nags Head/Federal Park Border ocean 1 NC239137
N23 DARE Oregon Inlet Federal Campground ocean 1 NC570729
N25 DARE Pea Island -northernmost beach access ocean 1 NC944159
N26 DARE Pea Island - beach access S of Refuge offices ocean 1 NC289380
N26B DARE S-turns' just N of Rodanthe ocean 1 NC144418
N27 DARE Rodanthe - 1/4 Mi E of EMS Station ocean 1 NC566464
N29 DARE Ramp #23 and access ocean 1 NC995992
N29B DARE Ocean Ramp #30 ocean 1 NC991015
N30 DARE Ramp #34 and access ocean 1 NC440580
N32 DARE Avon - Ramp #38 and access ocean 1 NC927135
N34 DARE Buxton - Beach at Cape Hatteras Lighthouse ocean 1 NC422633
N37 DARE Frisco - Federal Campground ocean 1 NC189209
N39 DARE Frisco Bath House ocean 1 NC380367
N40 DARE Ramp #55 and Access ocean 1 NC560974
N5A DARE Beach access at Sprigtail Dr. ocean 1 NC995692
N7 DARE Hillcrest Dr. access ocean 1 NC653898
N7A DARE Beach access 1 1/2 Mile N of Kitty Hawk Pier ocean 1 NC658738
N85 DARE Drain Pipe at MP 8 3/4 ocean 1 NC524248
N85A DARE Drain Pipe at Martin Street ocean 1 NC635010
N88 DARE Jockey's Ridge Soundside Access sound 1 NC981058
N91 DARE Colington Harbour swimming beach at the end of Colington Drive in Kill Devil Hills sound 1 NC952532
N29A DARE Sound access across from ramp #23 sound 2 NC347842
N39A DARE Sandy Bay parking sound-side access near Frisco sound 2 NC807801
N69 DARE The Swimming Hole sound 2 NC672006
N41 HYDE Ocracoke- 1st public access SW of State Ferry ocean 1 NC368134
N41A HYDE AO- 5 miles SW of Ocracoke state ferry ocean 1 NC709868
N42 HYDE Federal Campground- Ocracoke ocean 1 NC562881
N43 HYDE Beach access by Airport Ramp ocean 1 NC318235
S18 NEW HANOVER Fort Fisher State Park beach access off Loggerhead Rd. in Kure Beach ocean 1 NC593669
S18B NEW HANOVER Public Access at Ave. F in Kure Beach ocean 1 NC918299
S18C NEW HANOVER Public Access at Ave. H in Kure Beach ocean 1 NC274681
S18D NEW HANOVER Public Access at Dolphin Ct. Kure Beach ocean 1 NC301060
S19 NEW HANOVER Ocean Pier at K. Ave. Kure Beach ocean 1 NC530102
S19B NEW HANOVER Public access at the Hanby Beach Storm Drain ocean 1 NC765666
S19C NEW HANOVER Public beach access at Hamlet Ave. ocean 1 NC796965
S20A NEW HANOVER Beach access at Periwinkle Lane in Carolina Beach ocean 1 NC616697
S21B NEW HANOVER Vehicle access, 600 yds. N. of Carolina Beach Pier at dune marker #6 ocean 1 NC939344
S22A NEW HANOVER Ocean pier at Nathan St. and S. Lumina Dr. Wrightsville Beach ocean 1 NC375708
S22B NEW HANOVER Banks Channel - Waynick blvd. Approx. 150 yds N of Iula St. in Wrightsville Bch sound 1 NC748601
S22C NEW HANOVER Banks Channel - Waynick Blvd. - Between Snyder and Seashore Streets in Wrightsville Bch sound 1 NC252230
S22E NEW HANOVER Banks Channel - Waynick Blvd. - Between Taylor and Bellamy Streets in Wrightsville Bch sound 1 NC230511
S22F NEW HANOVER Stone Street Public Access - Ocean side Wrightsville Beach ocean 1 NC349062
S22G NEW HANOVER Cama Access, corner of Waynick Blvd. and Sunset Ave in Wrightsville Bch sound 1 NC771581
S23 NEW HANOVER Ocean pier at Salisbury St. off of N. Lumina Ave. in Wrightsville Bch ocean 1 NC294779
S23A NEW HANOVER N. end of Wrightsville Beach at public access #2 off N. Lumina Ave. ocean 1 NC773758
S23B NEW HANOVER Public beach access #4 off N. Lumina Ave. in Wrightsville Bch ocean 1 NC632805
S48A NEW HANOVER Banks Channel, swimming beach south of Coast Guard station sound 1 NC547001
S45 NEW HANOVER Cape Fear River, W. end of Snows Cut sound 2 NC813450
S45A NEW HANOVER Public Bch on Masonboro Sd - end of Florida Ave in Carolina Beach sound 2 NC853733
S48 NEW HANOVER Area behind the northern end of Masonboro Island sound 2 NC519384
S68 NEW HANOVER South end of Masonboro Island, Carolina Beach Inlet sound 2 NC398912
S69 NEW HANOVER Whiskey Creek Beach, ICW sound 2 NC383887
S70 NEW HANOVER NE of Wrightsville Beach Bridge sound 2 NC881139
C13 ONSLOW ~1 mile SW of Bogue Inlet on the ocean-side of Bear Island in Swansboro ocean 1 NC577316
S29A ONSLOW Regional public access at mile marker 12 on New River Inlet Rd. ocean 1 NC266219
S29C ONSLOW Public beach access just north of mile marker 14 in North Topsail Beach ocean 1 NC440062
S30 ONSLOW First access on right off New River Inlet Rd on N. Topsail Beach ocean 1 NC865785
S30A ONSLOW Regional public access at mile marker 17 on New River Inlet Rd. ocean 1 NC741107
S30C ONSLOW Public Access at mile marker #19 off New River Inlet Rd - North Topsail ocean 1 NC645929
S30E ONSLOW Public Beach access NTB 41 off New River Inlet Rd in North Topsail Beach ocean 1 NC899473
S30F ONSLOW Public beach access NTB Sea Dunes off New River Inlet Rd in North Topsail Beach ocean 1 NC471307
C22A ONSLOW Shellrock Landing Wildlife ramp in Hubert sound 2 NC930678
C23B ONSLOW Bear Inlet access West end of Bear Island sound 2 NC611568
C25 ONSLOW Sound side Bear Island sound 2 NC499511
C27A ONSLOW Wards Shore Public Access off South Waters Street in Swansboro sound 2 NC892318
S30D ONSLOW N. Topsail Bridge - ICW at Wildlife Ramp sound 2 NC187979
S54A ONSLOW Public access at Morris Landing at the end of Morris Landing Road near Holly Ridge sound 2 NC431213
C114 PAMLICO Vandemere Creek just north of Windmill Point sound 2 NC659798
C89A PAMLICO Public access at John Bond Town Beach in Oriental sound 2 NC624353
C90A PAMLICO Neuse River- end of state Rd 1310 sound 2 NC990224
C92 PAMLICO Dawson Crk., 500 yds N of bridge sound 2 NC174861
C92A PAMLICO Public Beach S side of Dawson Crk Bridge in Janerio sound 2 NC155524
C93 PAMLICO public access in the Neuse River just west of Gatlin Creek near Janiero sound 2 NC854048
C94 PAMLICO Just E of Wilkinson Pt sound 2 NC490467
C95 PAMLICO Just E of the Mouth of Beard Ck sound 2 NC902753
C96A PAMLICO Public swim area at Kennals Beach sound 2 NC589816
S25A PENDER Public access #S-1 at end of Shoreline Dr. (soundside station) in Topsail Beach sound 1 NC467377
S28 PENDER Public access #O-10 at Ocean Blvd and Crews Ave. in Topsail Beach ocean 1 NC098150
S28B PENDER Bch. Access #1A across from Catherine Ave. in Topsail Beach ocean 1 NC403790
S28C PENDER Bch. Access #18 across from Boryk Ave. off Ocean Blvd. in Topsail Beach ocean 1 NC947796
S29 PENDER Public access at S. Shore Dr. and Kinston Ave. ocean 1 NC526485
S29B PENDER Public Access at Broadway St. and N. Shore Dr. ocean 1 NC594897
S54 PENDER ICW, Hwy. 210 bridge at Surf City sound 2 NC215656