Method for Calculating Achievement of Market Share Recycling by TV Manufacturers

1. To determine market share recovery obligations for television manufacturers under North Carolina's electronics legislation, DEQ will analyze available data and produce a ratio (percentage) calculation where:

a. MR = Manufacturer Recovery - recovered tonnage that can be attributed to a given manufacturer.
b. TR = Total Recovery - the sum of all TV tonnage recovered in the state.
c. MR/TR = A manufacturer's percentage of overall recovery.

2. Total Recovery will be calculated using data from local government recycling efforts as provided in the local solid waste annual report process plus any other published or formally submitted source of data.  In the case of local tonnage, DEQ will use specific TV tonnage reported by local governments plus a calculated tonnage for those local governments that do not report TVs separately.  DEQ will also consider and add formally submitted data to Total Recovery provided by manufacturers or retailers - e.g., if a manufacturer provides documented evidence of 10 tons of televisions collected in a recycling event, it will be added to the Total Recovery figure.  That 10 tons can also then be counted in the manufacturer's recovery total (see below).

3. Manufacturer Recovery will be calculated based on the formally submitted annual report specified in the current legislation wherein each manufacturer reports to DEQ on its television recovery efforts in North Carolina.

4. DEQ will purchase market share data from published sources, possibly in conjunction with other states needing the same information, which provides the percentage target manufacturers must meet in the recovery of televisions.

5. DEQ will compare the recovery achievement of each manufacturer according to the MR/TR calculation with the market share obligation.  DEQ then takes any and all appropriate steps required by the legislation in regard to manufacturer performance.


  1. Manufacturer XYZ submits report showing it recovered 50 tons of televisions.
  2. DEQ calculates that overall recovery of televisions in the state is 1,000 tons.
  3. Manufacturer XYZ's recovery percentage is 50/1000 or 5%.
  4. DEQ's purchased market share data shows Manufacturer XYZ at 4% market share and therefore meeting (actually exceeding) its market share obligation.
  5. Alternatively, DEQs market share data shows Manufacturer XYZ at 8% market share - DEQ makes a finding that the Manufacturer is out of compliance with its market share obligation.

DEQ works with the state Office of Information Technology Services to prohibit State agencies, political subdivisions of the State and other public bodies from purchasing televisions or computer equipment made by Manufacturer XYZ.