Scrap Tire Cleanups

A county may manage its scrap tire program to include verification of information provided on scrap tire certification forms, inspections of scrap tire generators, inspections of scrap tire dumps, collaboration with other county departments to enforce its scrap tire program, requiring permits or fees for the operation of scrap tire generating businesses, etc.
A county may not charge a “separate fee” for the disposal of scrap tires. 

All scrap tires (types and sizes) can qualify for free disposal. 

Per the Scrap Tire Disposal Act, specifically NCGS 130A-309.53, "Definitions"

(6)    "Scrap Tire" means a tire that is no longer suitable for its original, intended purpose because of wear, damage, or defect.

(7)    "Tire" means a continuous solid or pneumatic rubber covering that encircles the wheel of a vehicle. Bicycle tires and other tires for vehicles propelled by human power are not subject to the provisions of this Part.

(9)    "Tire Hauler" means a person engaged in the picking up or transporting of scrap tires for the purpose of storage, processing, or disposal. 

Request for Approval for a Grant from the Scrap Tire Disposal Account Fund for the Cleanup of a Scrap Tire Dump

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