Inactive Hazardous Sites No Further Actions


After satisfactorily completing a voluntary remedial action (either REC or state oversight), the remediating party will receive a letter indicating that the work required under the Administrative Agreement has been completed and the Agreement terminated. The site will then be assigned No Further Action status in the Inactive Hazardous Sites inventory. This change of inventory status does not preclude any future state action if new evidence of contamination is discovered at a later date.

In accordance with N.C.G.S. 130A-310.7(c), any person may submit a request to the Branch for determination that a site has been remediated to unrestricted use standards. The person requesting the "No Further Action" (NFA) review must provide the request in writing and pay a fee to reimburse the state for expenses incurred while reviewing the request. To determine the amount of the fee, click on the link below. Checks should be made payable to the Division of Waste Management with the Branch's Site Name and ID Number shown in the memo field and must be submitted with the NFA review request. At sites where remedial actions were conducted independently (i.e. not under a signed Administrative Agreement) the party requesting the No Further Action review should also provide a completed Certification of Attainment of Cleanup Levels and No Further Action Required form (see below).

No Further Action Review Fee

Statement of Attainment of Cleanup Levels and No Further Action Required