Water Infrastructure Contacts

Updated 7/2/24

For general inquiries, call (919) 707-9160.

For individual water infrastructure programs or to find a name,  use the search bar.  

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Unit Name Position Email Phone
Director's Office Eskaf, Shadi Division Director shadi.eskaf@deq.nc.gov 919-707-9177
Director's Office Suter, Stephanie Deputy Director stephanie.suter@deq.nc.gov 919-707-9044
Director's Office Akroyd, Cathy Public Information Officer cathy.akroyd@deq.nc.gov 919-707-9187
Director's Office Haynie, Jennifer Program Development Coordinator - SWIA Liaison jennifer.haynie@deq.nc.gov 919-707-9173
CDBG-I Unit Simmons, Colleen CDBG-I Unit Program Manager colleen.simmons@deq.nc.gov 704-235-2202
CDBG-I Unit Bacon, Emily Compliance Specialist emily.bacon@deq.nc.gov 919-707-9242
CDBG-I Unit Karis, Eric EIT Engineer - Fayetteville Regional Office eric.karis@deq.nc.gov 919-218-4158
CDBG-I Unit Morris, Stephanie Senior Grant Representative stephanie.morris@deq.nc.gov 919-707-9196
CDBG-I Unit Moye, Nikita Grant Representative nikita.moye@deq.nc.gov 919-707-9058
CDBG-I Unit Starkey, Stacey Grant Coordinator stacey.starkey@deq.nc.gov 919-707-9242
Water Infrastructure Fund Section Ambikadevi, Kavitha PE Water Infrastructure Fund Section Chief kavitha.ambikadevi@deq.nc.gov 919-707-9048
Drinking Water Unit Giachini, David PE Drinking Water Unit Supervisor david.giachini@deq.nc.gov 919-707-9191
Drinking Water Unit Rhodes, Dustin PE Drinking Water Unit Supervisor dustin.rhodes@deq.nc.gov 919-707-3888
Drinking Water Unit Bernard, Jane Environmental Program Consultant jane.bernard@deq.nc.gov 919-707-9251
Drinking Water Unit Fulton, Jason EIT Engineer - Asheville Regional Office jason.fulton@deq.nc.gov 828-296-4682
Drinking Water Unit Giantaglia, Rodolfo Engineer rodolfo.giantaglia@deq.nc.gov 919-707-3890
Drinking Water Unit Koudas, Kamal Engineer kamal.koudas@deq.nc.gov 919-707-3883
Drinking Water Unit Lau, Aisha Engineer - Wilmington Regional Office aisha.lau@deq.nc.gov 910-970-6400
Drinking Water Unit McKay, Michelle EIT Engineer michelle.mckay@deq.nc.gov 919-707-9171
Drinking Water Unit Menzel, Jeff Environmental Program Consultant - Asheville Regional Office jeff.menzel@deq.nc.gov 828-782-1768
Drinking Water Unit Morrison, Jim PE Engineer jim.morrison@deq.nc.gov 919-707-9157
Drinking Water Unit Munsell, Michael PE Engineer - Asheville Regional Office michael.munsell@deq.nc.gov 828-296-4654
Drinking Water Unit Paintal, Amanjit Engineer amanjit.paintal@deq.nc.gov 919-707-9054
Drinking Water Unit Press, Jeannine Engineer - Wilmington Regional Office jeannine.press@deq.nc.gov 910-796-7441
Drinking Water Unit Riddle, Rick Engineer rick.riddle@deq.nc.gov 919-707-9050
Wastewater Unit Desai, Trupti PE Wastewater Unit Supervisor trupti.desai@deq.nc.gov 919-707-9166
Wastewater Unit Evans, Antonio V. PE Wastewater Unit Supervisor tony.evans@deq.nc.gov 919-707-9168
Wastewater Unit Ajami, Ali PhD Engineer ali.ajami@deq.nc.gov 919-707-9183
Wastewater Unit Al-Masri, Bashar Engineer bashar.al-masri@deq.nc.gov 919-707-9159
Wastewater Unit Baltzer, James PE Engineer james.baltzer@deq.nc.gov 919-707-9163
Wastewater Unit Britt, Karin Engineer karin.britt@deq.nc.gov 919-707-3889
Wastewater Unit Byrd, Julia Engineer - Asheville Regional Office julia.byrd@deq.nc.gov 828-772-1475
Wastewater Unit Clark, Paul Environmental Program Consultant paul.clark@deq.nc.gov 910-434-6063
Wastewater Unit Cole, Kim Environmental Program Consultant - Wilmington Regional Office kim.d.cole@deq.nc.gov 910-796-7293
Wastewater Unit Eaton, Adrian Engineer - Fayetteville Regional Office adrian.eaton@deq.nc.gov 919-707-9178
Wastewater Unit Graybeal, Christopher Environmental Program Consultant - Asheville Regional Office christopher.graybeal@deq.nc.gov 828-767-0764
Wastewater Unit Hassan, Monti Engineer monti.hassan@deq.nc.gov 919-707-9247
Wastewater Unit Kluttz, Logan PE Engineer - Asheville Regional Office logan.kluttz@deq.nc.gov 919-618-6064
Wastewater Unit Martin, Suzanne Engineer suzanne.martin@deq.nc.gov 919-707-9074
Wastewater Unit Newhouse, Doug EIT Engineer doug.newhouse@deq.nc.gov 919-707-9053
Wastewater Unit Osborn, Claire PE Engineer - Asheville Regional Office claire.osborn@deq.nc.gov 828-296-4650
Wastewater Unit Pusey, Steve Engineer - Wilmington Regional Office steven.pusey@deq.nc.gov 910-416-0640
Wastewater Unit Robinson, Jason Engineer jason.robinson@deq.nc.gov 919-707-3887
Grants Management Unit Hubbard, Mark PE Grants Management Unit Supervisor mark.hubbard@deq.nc.gov 919-707-9162
Grants Management Unit Baker, Allen Environmental Program Consultant - Wilmington Regional Office allen.baker@deq.nc.gov 910-796-7399
Grants Management Unit Baloch, Haleema Business Officer haleema.baloch@deq.nc.gov 919-707-8559
Grants Management Unit Evans, Don Project Manager don.evans@deq.nc.gov 919-707-9164
Grants Management Unit Kern, Lynn Engineer lynn.kern@deq.nc.gov 919-707-9249
Grants Management Unit Krzywicki, Keith PE Engineer keith.krzywicki@deq.nc.gov 919-707-9184
Grants Management Unit Kurtz, Cassidy Engineer cassidy.kurtz@deq.nc.gov 919-707-3886
Grants Management Unit Oelrich, Fred Engineer fred.oelrich@deq.nc.gov 919-707-9194
Grants Management Unit Parkman, Renee Engineer renee.parkman@deq.nc.gov 704-235-2203
Grants Management Unit Poupart, Jeff Engineer jeff.poupart@deq.nc.gov 919-707-9248
Grants Management Unit Smith, David Engineer david.smith@deq.nc.gov 919-707-3885
Grants Management Unit Whitley, Pam Business Officer pam.whitley@deq.nc.gov 919-707-9165
Viable Utilities Unit D'Amato, Victor PE Viable Utilities Unit Supervisor victor.damato@deq.nc.gov 919-707-9186
Viable Utilities Unit Baldwin, Tim Engineer tim.baldwin@deq.nc.gov 919-707-9245
Viable Utilities Unit Culpepper, Linda Project Manager linda.culpepper@deq.nc.gov 919-707-9109
Viable Utilities Unit Dongarra, Tony Environmental Program Consultant tony.dongarra@deq.nc.gov 919-707-3632
Viable Utilities Unit Downs, Kristen PhD Engineer kristen.downs@deq.nc.gov 919-707-9056
Viable Utilities Unit Kubacki, Susan Program Development Coordinator susan.kubacki@deq.nc.gov 919-707-9181
Viable Utilities Unit Lancaster, Dwight Environmental Specialist dwight.lancaster@deq.nc.gov 252-947-2540
Viable Utilities Unit Rushing, Matthew EIT Engineer matthew.rushing@deq.nc.gov 919-707-9060
Viable Utilities Unit Taylor, Bob Program Development Coordinator bob.taylor@deq.nc.gov 919-707-3713
Viable Utilities Unit Williard, Dewey Financial Analyst - Winston-Salem Regional Office dewey.williard@deq.nc.gov 919-707-8560
Viable Utilities Unit Woody, Tim Engineer tim.woody@deq.nc.gov 919-500-1896
Viable Utilities Projects Unit Vacant Viable Utilities Projects Supervisor
Viable Utilities Projects Unit Bari, Caroline Engineer caroline.bari@deq.nc.gov 919-707-9244
Viable Utilities Projects Unit Beeson, Shane Program Development Coordinator shane.beeson@deq.nc.gov 919-707-3614
Viable Utilities Projects Unit Browder, Dee Engineer - Mooresville Regional Office dee.browder@deq.nc.gov 704-235-2203
Viable Utilities Projects Unit Chand, Syon Engineer syon.chand@deq.nc.gov 919-707-9010
Business Office Vacant Business Office Supervisor
Business Office Griffis, Marian Accountant marian.griffis@deq.nc.gov 919-707-3878
Business Office Maughn, Theresa Accountant theresa.maughn@deq.nc.gov 919-707-3873
Business Office Moore, Jackie Business Officer jackie.j.moore@deq.nc.gov 919-707-9167
Business Office Nicholson, Lori Accounting Clerk lori.nicholson@deq.nc.gov 919-707-9185
Business Office Pearce, Marilyn Accountant marilyn.pearce@deq.nc.gov 919-707-9180
Business Office Spencer, Anita Accountant anita.spencer@deq.nc.gov 919-707-3892
Business Office Tripp, Teresa Business Officer teresa.tripp@deq.nc.gov 919-707-9182
Operations Unit Cordeiro, Coley PhD Operations Unit Supervisor coley.cordeiro@deq.nc.gov 910-796-7215
Operations Unit Brower, Connie Program Analyst connie.brower@deq.nc.gov 919-707-9192
Operations Unit Brown, Walker Engineer walker.brown@deq.nc.gov 919-707-3891
Operations Unit Davidson, Alison Environmental Program Consultant - Asheville Regional Office alison.davidson@deq.nc.gov 828-296-4655
Operations Unit Risgaard, Jon Engineer jon.risgaard@deq.nc.gov 919-707-9034
Operations Unit Strickland, Bev Program Analyst bev.strickland@deq.nc.gov 919-707-9189
Administrative Services Shortt, Carrie Administrative Services Unit Supervisor carrie.shortt@deq.nc.gov 919-707-9049
Administrative Services Combs, Donna Administrative Specialist donna.combs@deq.nc.gov 919-707-9188
Administrative Services Fenner, Janice Administrative Specialist janice.fenner@deq.nc.gov 919-707-9169
Administrative Services Pham, Ginnie Administrative Specialist ginnie.pham@deq.nc.gov 919-707-9243
Administrative Services Randall, Delphine Administrative Specialist delphine.randall@deq.nc.gov 919-707-9176