Community Water Systems Water Efficiency BMP

The Water Supply Planning Branch developed a water efficiency best management practices (BMP) manual to assist water systems to reduce their long-term per capita demand for potable water.  The manual was sent to the public for review and updated with the comments received.  The branch, in conjunction with the North Carolina Council of Governments, established eight workshops throughout the state in November and December of 2012.  More than 550 water systems were invited to attend the workshops located in Washington, Pembroke, Enfield, Jacksonville, Thomasville, Wilkesboro, Rutherfordton and Asheville.

A total of 219 people attended the workshops.  During the workshops, staff provided technical presentations on the 12 BMPs developed in the manual.  Many water systems provided suggestions and recommendations on the needs of their water systems.  Branch staff followed up the workshop with a survey to gather any additional information from the attendees.  Below you will find links to each individual BMP and its corresponding presentation from the workshops.

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