Wake County (Cary, Apex, Morrisville)


Source Basin: Haw River
Receiving Basins: Neuse River, Cape Fear River
Average Daily IBT: 33 MGD

The Towns of Cary, Apex, and Morrisville and Wake County submitted a Notice of Intent (NOI) on September 30, 2013 to the Environmental Management Commission for a modification to their existing IBT Certificate.  The purpose of the modification was to address interbasin transfer statute/policy changes and to re-evaluate the water supply needs through 2045.  The modification resulted in a 33 million gallon per day (MGD) transfer, average day transfer in a calendar month, from the Haw River sub-basin to the Neuse River and Cape Fear River sub-basins.  An environmental assessment (EA), including detailed hydrologic modeling, was completed and reviewed by DWR and other DEQ resources agencies.  Links to the Final EA and FONSI are provided at the bottom of this webpage.  Public hearings on the Final EA and FONSI were held on January 7th at the Apex Public Works Building, and January 22nd at the City of Fayetteville - City Hall.  The modification to the Cary/Apex IBT Certificate was issued by the EMC on March 12, 2015. -- Certificate

On July 12, 2001, the Environmental Management Commission issued an interbasin transfer certificate to the Towns of Cary, Apex, Morrisville, and Wake County (acting for RTP South).  This certificate allowed the holders to transfer a combined 24 MGD, on a maximum day basis, from the Haw River Basin to the Neuse River Basin.  This was the second IBT certificate for the Towns of Cary and Apex.  The Towns received their first IBT certificate in 1989, allowing a 16 MGD transfer from Jordan Lake (then defined as being in the Cape Fear River Basin) to the Neuse River basin.

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Background Documentation

  1. Signed IBT Certificate Modification - March 2015
  2. Hearing Officer's Report for Certificate Modification - March 2015
  3. September 30, 2013 Notice of Intent to Request a modification to an Interbasin Transfer Certificate
  4. Towns of Cary, Apex, Morrisville, and Wake County IBT Certificate Modification EA
  5. Towns of Cary, Apex and Morrisville, and Wake County IBT EA Modification FONSI
  6. Notice of Public Hearing January 7, 2015, Interbasin Transfer Certificate Modification for the Towns of Apex, Cary and Morrisville, and Wake County (for RTP South)
  7. Public Meeting Background IBT Request Information
  8. November 6, 1989 Certificate
  9. July 12, 2001 Certificate
  10. Jordan Lake Water Supply Storage Allocations Round Two and Proposed Increase in Interbasin Transfer Hearing Officer's Report (May 2001)
  11. Notice for Public Hearing -- March 5, 2001 and March 6, 2000 (pdf)
  12. Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) (pdf 771KB)
  13. EIS Appendix 2 - Cape Fear River Basin Model Analyses (pdf 260KB)
  14. EIS Appendix F - EIS Public Hearing Record (pdf 3.2MB)
  15. Applicants Petition (pdf 611KB)
  16. Jordan Lake Allocation Home Page
  17. Review model results used in EIS impact analysis

Required Plans

  1. 2015 Compliance Monitoring Plan
  2. 2015 Drought Management Plan
  3. 2015 Water Conservation Plan

Annual Reports