The North Carolina Division of Water Resources Bioassessment Branch has been sampling the wadeable and non-wadeable lotic waters of the State since 1978. To date, the Bioassessment Branch has collected and analyzed over 6500 benthic macroinvertebrate samples. These collections have been obtained from every Level-IV ecoregion, every county, and every river basin in North Carolina. Waterbodies as small as one meter in width and as large as over 2 kilometers wide have been routinely sampled by NCDWR biologists. Below are the data generated by these collections. Taxonomic data are also available online from the U.S. EPA's STORage and RETrieval (STORET) database.

All data were collected according to NCDWR Biological Assessment Branch Benthos Macroinvertebrate Standard Operating Procedures.  For more information or questions regarding benthic macroinvertebrate data, please contact Eric Fleek at 919.743.8469.

Further information for interpreting this data is available here..

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