Laboratory Certification Contact Information

Todd Crawford Branch Supervisor

Phone: 919-733-3908 Ext. 202

Main Line Telephone: 919-733-3908


Mailing Address:

NC DEQ/WSS/Laboratory Certification Branch

1623 Mail Service Center

Raleigh, NC 27699-1623


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Auditor Position Telephone/Extension
Anna Ostendorff Technical Assistance and Compliance Specialist 919-733-3908 Ext. 251
Beth Swanson Technical Assistance and Compliance Specialist

Office: 919-733-3908 Ext. 259

Cell: (984) 220-5439

Jason Smith Auditor - ARO/WSRO/MRO

Office: (828) 296-4679  

Cell: (828) 424-9477

Jill Puff Auditor - WiRO/RRO

Office: 919-733-3908 Ext. 249

Cell: (984) 220-4946

Tonja Springer Auditor - FRO/RRO/WSRO

Office: 919-733-3908 Ext. 241

Cell: (984) 220-3646

Thomas Halvosa Auditor - WaRO/RRO

Office: 919-733-3908 Ext. 273

Cell: 984-220-4016 

Michael Cumbus Auditor - WSRO/MRO

Office: 919-733-3908 Ext. 272

Cell: (984) 220-5406 

Each Chemist manages out-of-state labs as well.

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