AMS Quality Assurance Project Plan

A Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) has been developed that describes the design and implementation of every aspect of the AMS program. The most recent version of the QAPP was approved by EPA in July 2017, and is being provided here to allow users of AMS results to determine if the data generated by this program meet the Data Quality Objectives (DQOs) of their particular project.

AMS QAPP version 2.0, Approved July 2017


 AMS QAPP Download By Section

The main document and seven appendices are provided as separate documents. All files require Adobe Reader for viewing.

AMS QAPP, version 2.0: sections 1-5

Appendix 1: Organizational Information
Appendix 2: NC Water Quality Standards Summary
Appendix 3: Station Information
Appendix 4: Data Review Checklists and Methods 
Appendix 5: Intensive Survey Branch SOP 
Appendix 6: Laboratory QA Information
Appendix 7: Random Ambient Monitoring System Information

Staff Contacts 

Randy Sloup QA Coordinator 919-743-8429


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