Toby Vinson

Division of Energy, Mineral & Land Resources Director

Toby Vinson is a Biological & Agricultural Engineering graduate from North Carolina State University in the College of Engineering and College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.  He is also a Professional Engineer and Certified Public Manager in North Carolina.  Toby started his career with the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality and its Division of Energy, Mineral, and Land Resources (DEMLR) in 1994 where he worked and trained in the specialized areas of Dam Safety, Mining, Erosion & Sedimentation Control and Stormwater Control & Management.  He also spent ten years in private industry providing contracting and consulting in the same specialized areas before returning to public service.  He is currently the Interim Director of DEMLR.

Toby also serves on the Inter-Departmental Resilience Team and supports DEQ’s resilience efforts as related to EO80 and the State Flood Blueprint, working with internal and external partners and organizations.

His work with DEQ also includes representing the Department and State as Liaison to NCORR and NCEM, Co-Chair of the Recovery Support Function – Environmental Preservation Group (NCORR), Commissioner on the Interstate Mining Compact Commission, a member of the Department of Homeland Security’s Government Coordinating Council – Dams Sector, Commissioner on the State Emergency Response Commission, and Board Member of the Association of State Dam Safety Officials.

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