Teens & 20s Writer Plans to Earn Her N.C. Environmental Education Certification During Gap Year

Chandler Holland, a Teens & 20s writer for the Burlington Times-News, is in her senior year of homeschooling and plans to complete the N.C. Environmental Education Certification during her gap year before attending Warren Wilson College with a merit-based scholarship.

"The fact that I will spend my “Gap Year” working toward obtaining my EE certification no doubt played a significant role in my acceptance at the school of my choice in their early decision process, as well as being awarded a merit scholarship.  Warren Wilson College has a strong program that will give me the real-world skills to begin a successful career committed to environmental education," Holland said.

In addition to writing a monthly article for the Teens & 20s column on a variety of topics including sustainability and the environment, Holland is a docent in the N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences’ Discovery Room. She plans to officially enroll in the program later this month when she turns 18 and will count her hours volunteering as a docent towards her certification.

Holland recently highlighted the certification program in her December 19 column, Environmental education: Certification program isn’t just for classroom teachers. To read Holland’s story on program go to http://teensandtwenties.com/environmental-education-certification-program-isnt-just-for-classroom-teachers/

The N.C. Environmental Education Certification Program is offered by the Department of Environmental Quality’s Office of Environmental Education and Public Affairs. To learn more about the program, visit the office’s website at www.eenorthcarolina.org.

Chandler Holland in the Discovery Room at the N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences

Photograph by Michael Holland


Source for Holland’s article:
December 19, pg. A10
Environmental education: Certification program isn’t just for classroom teachers http://teensandtwenties.com/environmental-education-certification-program-isnt-just-for-classroom-teachers/

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