Fresh Air, Earth Day and Robin Hood - Earth Day Today

Many know the story of Robin Hood, or the pop culture significance of Robin Hood the hero, a commoner who stole from the rich to give to the poor, in the myriad of stories about his life one thing is clear: he made the seemingly elusive very tangible, and improved lives with his efforts. 

The first Earth Day, and every one in between, runs in a similar vein, advocacy for the environment and pushing for stewardship when hope seemed elusive. When in the 1970’s rivers were on fire, the air in many cities (manufacturing based or not) burned one’s nose and stank and the skies were dark with particulate matter. The masses of commoners rose, and continue to call out industry and bringing awareness to our Earth,  calling out the rich in voice to advocate for our Earth, environment, and the poor in voice. Many speak out for the Earth’s health, an awareness of daily actions that can create change in daily practices. 

The N.C. Air Awareness team is one of these groups – through bringing awareness to outdoor air and how it can impact human health. Simple personal, hand-held air sensors used in classrooms by teachers and students from 5th grade through high school that help to make the seemingly elusive -  our shared invisible air - tangible and relevant (Note: these used strictly for educational purposes and not creating the air quality  forecast).  

So how does transportation, the backbone of our modern life transform to decrease it’s negative impact air quality? Can electric vehicles, charge from a cleaner electrical grid? Our team is working diligently to look beyond the way our vehicles are generally powered today – beyond the means of an internal combustion engine and educate on a cleaner means of transportation. To gain a first hand, educational, look at what the future of vehicular transportation can look like come see our exhibit, created in partnership with Marbles Kids Museum, at Marbles Kids Museum (date and time to be determined in light of current events).   

Take a deep breath of fresh air, and remember that we are all capable of being a modern day Robin Hood -- bringing the rich voice of advocacy and education to the poorest in voice – the Earth.  

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