Energy Conservation

Environmental Assistance

The N.C. Division of Environment Assistance and Customer Service (DEACS) can provide energy assessments and resources for business, industry and public facilities. The Division can provide a wide range of services to address energy efficiency, air emissions, water efficiency and waste generation, along with suggestions for pollution prevention practices. Contact Ron Pridgeon today at (919) 707-8143 or to find out more.

Utility Savings Initiative

The Utility Savings Initiative (USI), within the DEQ Energy Group, provides a comprehensive approach to managing utility use and costs in North Carolina state, universities, agencies, community colleges, local government, and K-12 public education facilities. USI is also responsible for overseeing the Performance Contracting process for governmental units. Contact Matthew Davis at (919) 707-8775 for assistance and more information.

Waste Reduction Partners

Waste Reduction Partners (WRP) is a group of retired engineers, chemists and professionals that are available to help improve environmental, energy and water management through on-site assessments. Contact Russ Jordan at (828) 251-7477 or to get started!

Energy Savings Fact Sheets