DEACS Contacts

Toll-Free Number:

Local Number (Raleigh Area):


Divsiion Name Title Email Phone
Director Ragan, Jamie Division Director 919-707-8141
Administration Alexander, Eula Section Chief Regional Office Operations and Administration 919-707-8117
Administration Black, Sherian Administrative Associate II, Mooresville 704-235-2112
Administration Boseman, Aurelia Administrative Associate II, Washington Regional Office 336-776-9628
Administration Burd, Tina Administrative Associate II, Wilmington Regional Office 910-796-7324
Administration Castle, Sandra Winston-Salem Business Service Coordinator II 336-776-9626
Administration Cottrell, Leland Fayetteville Business Service Coordinator II 910-433-3301
Administration Davis, Jan Administrative Associate II, Wilmington Regional Office 910-796-7442
Administration Dickinson , Bridget Administrative Associate II, Fayetteville Regional Office 910-433-3344
Administration Dzioba, TaNeesha Administrative Associate 828-296-4527
Administration Ealey, Valerie Administrative Associate II, Raleigh 919-791-4235
Administration Emmons, Lisa Administrative Associate II, Wilmington Regional Office 910-796-7427
Administration Frady, Stephanie Administrative Associate 828-296-4530
Administration Gower, Lehee Administrative Associate II, Fayetteville Regional Office 910-433-3325
Administration Hay, Patricia Wilmington Business Service Coordinator II 910-796-7404
Administration Jones, Anne Administrative Associate I, Wilmington Regional Office 910-796-7215
Administration Jordan, Payge Administrative Associate II Winston Salem Regional Office 336-776-9627
Administration Luckman, Debbie Administrative Associate II, Mooresville Regional Office 704-235-2111
Administration McIntosh, Shelia Administrative Associate II Winston Salem Regional Office 336-776-9630
Administration McNeil, Trudy Administrative Associate II, Mooresville Regional OFfice 704-235-2114
Administration Palmer, Gwendolyn Administrative Specialist I 919-707-8101
Administration Parker, Barbara Administrative Associate II, Raleigh Regional Office 919-791-4227
Administration Richardson, Cheryl Administrative Associate II, Raleigh Regional Office 919-791-4267
Administration Roof, Sandee Raleigh Business Service Coordinator II 919-791-4205
Administration Shipp, Cathy Administrative Associate II, Mooresville Regional Office 704-235-2113
Administration Sparks, Keri Washington Business Service Coordinator II 252-948-3804
Administration Stamey, Linda Asheville Business Service Coordinator II 828-296-4522
Administration Williamson, Deven Administrative Associate II, Fayetteville Regional Office 910-433-3393
Environmental Assistance Allocco, Marcia Section Chief 919-707-8206
Environmental Assistance Biles, Lyn Environmental Assistance Coordinator for Washington Regional Office, DEQ's SEPA Program Manager 252-948-3842
Environmental Assistance Burke, Don Environmental Stewardship Initiative (ESI) Coach 919-707-8131
Environmental Assistance Davis, Richard Express Coordinator - Wilmington Regional Office 910-796-7268
Environmental Assistance Dillard, Miles Environmental Specialist - Environmental Stewardship Initiative 919-707-8129
Environmental Assistance Edmonds, Angela Mooresville Business Service Coordinator II 704-235-2110
Environmental Assistance Graham-Gibson, Yolanda Program Consultant - Environmental Stewardship Initiative Manager 919-707-8146
Environmental Assistance Renee Kramer Environmental Stewardship Initiative (ESI) Manager 919-707-8126
Environmental Assistance Lee, David Environmental Assistance Coordinator for the Raleigh Regional Office 919-791-4204
Environmental Assistance McDonnell, Jesse Environmental Assistance Coordinator for Mooresville Regional Office 704-235-2107
Environmental Assistance Pendola, Tony Environmental Engineer 919-707-8112
Environmental Assistance Pridgeon, Ron Environmental Engineer 919-707-8143
Environmental Assistance Watts, Johnathan Environmental Assistance Coordinator for Fayetteville Regional Office 910-433-3353
Environmental Assistance Weaver, Cameron Environmental Assistance Coordinator for Wilmington Regional Office 910-796-7265
Environmental Assistance Williams, Paul Environmental Assistance Coordinator for Winston-Salem Regional Office 336-776-9631
Recycling and Materials Management Worley, Wendy Section Chief 919-707-8136
Recycling and Materials Management Boettger, Marc Recycling Business Development Specialist 919-707-8133
Recycling and Materials Management Greene, Mike Recycling Business Development Specialist 919-707-8137
Recycling and Materials Management Hance, David Community Recycling Specialist 919-707-8122
Recycling and Materials Management King, Delaney Community Recycling Specialist 919-707-8145
Recycling and Materials Management McCoy, Laura Community Recycling Specialist 919-707-8127
Recycling and Materials Management Skolochenko, Sandy Community Development Specialist; Expertise: Grants, Financial Incentives, Recycling Markets Directory 919-707-8147
Recycling and Materials Management Traywick, Elise Community Recycling Specialist 919-707-8135
Recycling and Materials Management Wittmeier, Christine Organics Recycling Specialist 919-707-8121
Waste Reduction Partners Albrecht, Terry Section Chief, Waste Reduction Partners 828-251-7475