May EMC Meeting Agenda


512 N. Salisbury Street
Archdale Building - Ground Floor Hearing Room
Raleigh, North Carolina

May 12, 2016
9:00 a.m.

General Statute § 138A-15 mandates that the Chairman inquire as to whether any member knows of any known conflict of interest or appearance of conflict with respect to matters before the Commission. If any member knows of a conflict of interest or appearance of a conflict, please so state at this time.

Steve J. Rowlan, Chairman, Presiding

I.          Preliminary Matters

  1. Call to Order
  2. Approval of minutes from Commission meeting on March 10, 2016 (attached)

II.       Action Items

  1. 16-20    Request to Proceed to Hearing on Startup, Shutdown and Malfunction (SSM) State Implementation Plan (SIP) Call Rule Revisions (533)

    (DAQ) Michael Pjetraj


    Attachment A Proposed Rules
    Attachment B 
    - Fiscal Note

  2. 16-21    Request Approval of Hearing Officer's Report on Proposed Adoption of 15A NCAC 13A .0101, .0102, .0103, .0106, .0107 and .0108 for the General Rule, Definition of Solid Waste Rules, and the Electronic Manifest Rules and Approved Fiscal Note and Economic Impact Analysis
    (DWM) Julie Woosley

    Attachment A – Hearing Officer's Report (rules are included in report on pgs A8-A16)


  3. 16-22     Adopt Rule for Revisions to the Definition of Solid Waste Rule
    (DWM) Julie Woosley


    Attachment A - Fiscal Note

    Rule 15A NCAC 13A .0102
    Rule 15A NCAC 13A .0103
    Rule 15A NCAC 13A .0106

  4. 16-23   Adopt Rule Amendments of General Rule 15A NCAC 13A .0101(b) and (f)
     (DWM) Julie Woosley 


    Attachment A – Economic Impact Analysis
    Attachment B -  15A NCAC 13A .0101 - Website address has been updated

  5. 16-24   Adopt Revisions for the Electronic Manifest Rules

     (DWM) Julie Woosley


    Attachment A – Economic Impact Analysis

    Rule 15A NCAC 13A .0107
    Rule 15A NCAC 13A .0108

  6. 16-25    Request for Approval of Hearing Officer's Report and Adoption of Proposed Amendments to Replace Rules for the Collection and Transportation of Solid Waste: 15A NCAC 13B .0105
    (DWM) Jessica Montie


    Attachment A - 15A NCAC 13B .0105 Hearing Officer's Report


  7. 16-26     Request Approval of Revisions to 15A NCAC 02B .0227 Water Quality
    (DWR) Elizabeth Kountis


    Attachment A - Report of Proceedings Addendum

  8. 16-27   A Survey of In Situ Strategies for Mitigation of Water Quality Impairments in North Carolina
    (DWR) Rich Gannon


    Attachment A - March In Situ Strategies Legislative Report

    9.   16-28   Request Approval of a Study of the State's Riparian Buffer Protection Program Pursuant to SL 2015-246
          (DWR) Karen Higgins


          Attachment A - SL 2015-246 Study

  10.  16-29   Request from Cary-Apex for Clerical Correction to 2015 IBT Certificate

         (AG) Counsel Jennie Hauser

         Attachment A - April 22, 2016 Cary-Apex Letter Requesting Clerical Correction to 2015 IBT Certificate
         Attachment B - Minutes from March 12, 2015 EMC Meeting

III.        Concluding Remarks

             By Committee Chairs
             By Directors      
             By Commission Members
             By Counsel
             By Chairman


Adjournment 05-12-16