North Carolina Secretaries’ Science Advisory Board to Meet April 5


The state Secretaries’ Science Advisory Board will meet on Wednesday, April 5th in the Green Square Training Room 1210 at 10am.  The public is invited to attend the meeting in-person or online.

Review the Draft Agenda 

To listen via WebEx:

Webinar number: 2432 034 3575    Webinar password: SSAB (7722 from phones and video systems)

There will be an in-person public comment period with opportunity to sign up upon arrival at the meeting.

The Secretaries’ Science Advisory Board currently includes 13 experts in toxicology, public health, ecology, engineering, and other related fields. Their expertise assists the state departments of Environmental Quality and Health and Human Services by recommending reviews and evaluations of contaminants, acting as consultants on DEQ’s determinations to regulate contaminants, and helping the agencies identify contaminants of concern and determine which contaminants should be studied further.