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Highly pathogenic avian influenza, commonly known as HPAI or avian flu, is caused by an influenza virus that can infect domestic poultry such as chickens, turkeys, domestic ducks and geese. DEQ formed a task force in 2015 with key local, state and federal stakeholders to develop guidance to protect public health and the environment. Since that time, core recommendations and practices have been built into daily operations and practice of North Carolina’s agricultural partners. DEQ continues its work with the lead state response agency, the N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, to prepare for and quickly respond to introductions of influenza in poultry.

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DEQ Foreign Animal Disease Guidance

The original guidance regarding mortality management has expanded as a result of hurricane-specific needs and the rise of other diseases. As such, the original DEQ guidance document created in 2015 for HPAI was updated to be broader in scope and provided to NCDA&CS in 2020 for use in all Foreign Animal Disease outbreaks and other emergency response efforts.   

NCDEQ Foreign Animal Disease Response Recommendations (UPDATED - March 2022)

HPAI 2015 Guidance Document Appendices