Monday, October 1, 2018

MEMO: First results from Duke’s H.F. Lee facility

Oct 1, 2018

To: Interested Parties
From: Megan Thorpe, Communications Director, NC DEQ
RE: First results from Duke’s H.F. Lee facility

DEQ's Division of Water Resources staff took water samples at three locations at the H.F. Lee facility on Sept. 23: upstream, downstream and from a nearby railroad trestle at the Neuse River.

  • As noted in the facility’s permit, testing can be in one of two formats – a dissolved metals analysis and total metals analysis. DEQ performed both tests. For water sampling, total metals analysis includes metals that are both dissolved in the water and present in sediment found in the water sample. Analysis for dissolved metal is performed by removing the sediment, then analyzing the filtered water for metals.
  • All three sample sites at HF Lee returned a result lower than the practical quantitation limits or PQL, or 2 micrograms per liter.
  • It is important to note that DEQ water sampling occurred at multiple locations, which provides a more complete snapshot of conditions as opposed to one sampling location.
  • Standard procedure for water testing at coal ash facilities involves analyzing for the presence of metals. Test results from the Sept. 23 sampling at H.F. Lee, show all metals at levels below the limits set by state water quality standards. 

Samples were collected following the protocol required by state water quality standards, ensuring no cross-contamination between sampling containers. DWR’s chemistry lab conducted the analysis of the samples. DEQ is continuing to monitor weekly at the site during the month of October to obtain comprehensive data.

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