Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Statement from Secretary Regan on MVP Southgate Decision

Aug 11, 2020

From Secretary Michael S. Regan:

 “Today’s decision to deny the MVP Southgate certification protects North Carolina’s water quality, our natural resources and our communities.  DEQ has questioned the need for the MVP Southgate project since our initial comments to FERC. This has always been an unnecessary project that poses unnecessary risks to our environment and given the uncertain future of the MVP Mainline, North Carolinians should not be exposed to the risk of another incomplete pipeline project. 

North Carolina’s clean energy future is not dependent on adding more natural gas infrastructure. Projects like this slow down the state’s goal to reduce greenhouse gases under North Carolina’s Clean Energy Plan and our efforts to address climate change under Executive Order 80. We should invest in clean, renewable energy sources and the economic benefits of energy innovation.”

More information on the decision is available here.