N.C. DEQ Anonymous Comment Tool

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This Anonymous Comment Tool allows members of the public to provide anonymous suggestions or complaints about an environmental concern or an incident of discrimination involving an environmental concern.  

If you are reporting an active environmental situation (for example: open burning, active spill into a waterway, etc) contacting the nearest DEQ Regional Office allows us to respond and investigate more effectively. 

If you prefer not to report a complaint or concern directly to our regional office staff, you may submit your comment or complaint via this form without providing contact information. This information will be shared with the appropriate DEQ staff to investigate or address in a timely fashion.  Please note that using this tool anonymously may not provide DEQ with enough information to investigate your specific complaint, issue, or suggestion which may delay or prevent a potential resolution to your situation.

The information entered below will be emailed to ej@ncdenr.gov with the sender listed as webmaster.ncgov@it.nc.gov.  Information entered via this form is subject to the North Carolina Public Records Law and may be disclosed to third parties by an authorized state official.

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I would like to submit a comment or complaint regarding an environmental concern:

For complaints, please provide any information that will help DEQ staff determine the most effective and timely response. (What happened; what materials or substances were involved; how much is involved; where did the materials or substances go; who else have you reported this to and what was the outcome?) Incomplete information may delay or prevent a potential resolution to your situation.

If you are filing a complaint about a particular location, we will need at least one of the following: 1) The location/address of the place AND/OR 2) a point of contact to follow up with. This information will be anonymous if you check the anonymous box below.

Did the environmental Incident involve discrimination?
Incident involve discrimination
If the environmental incident involved discrimination, what was the basis of the discrimination you experienced? (check all that apply)

Please provide any information that will help our staff determine a timely and effective response. (What happened? Have you reported this to others and if so, what was the outcome?)

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