Permit Directory: O-R

Permit Name Environmental Category Description
Ocean Fishing Pier License Marine Fisheries Authorizes the manager of an ocean fishing pier to charge the public a fee to fish from a pier within coastal fishing waters.
Oil or Gas Well Permit Land The permit provides a method by which the state regulates site activities to prevent the waste of the resource for the protection of the environment.
Oil Terminal Facility Registration Other Registration of any bulk oil terminal facility having or capable of having a storage capacity equal or greater than 21,000 gallons.
Operating Permit for Commercial Underground Storage Tanks Other The registration and operation of underground storage tanks used to contain an accumulation of regulated substances and whose volume (including connected underground piping) is 10 percent or more beneath the ground.
Permit for Work in Navigable Waters (Section 10 Permit) Other Any activity which requires work in, over or under navigable waters of the United States.
Petroleum-Contaminated Soil Remediation Permit (Non-Discharge) Waste Construction and operation of a contaminated soil treatment system.
Planting Shellfish from Prohibited (Polluted) Areas (Permit for) Marine Fisheries Allows lease holders and franchise holders to harvest shellfish from designated polluted areas and transport them to their private gardens for depuration.
Post Construction Stormwater Permit - State or Local Issuance Water Applies to new developments and other construction activities that may result in stormwater drainage into certain sensitive waters.
Pound Net Set Permit Marine Fisheries The use of a pound net or any part of one in Joint or Coastal Fishing Waters of North Carolina.
Public Water System Operating Permit Water Operation of a public water supply system.
Pump & Haul Systems Permit (Wastewater) Water Disposal of wastewater only in cases of environmental emergencies, nuisance conditions, health problems, or for unavoidable delays in construction of systems permitted under the authority of the Division of Water Resources.
Reclaimed Water Systems (Wastewater Treatment) Water Wastewater treatment systems for highly treated wastewater to be recycled for the same use or reused for other purposes (cooling water, boiler blowdown, fire fighting, etc.), but not for human consumption or irrigation of direct food chain crops.
Recreational Commercial Gear License Marine Fisheries Allows an individual to use limited amounts of specified commercial gear to catch seafood for personal consumption or recreational purposes.
Recreational Fishing Tournament License to Sell Fish Marine Fisheries Allows the tournament holder of the license to sell the tournament's catch to a licensed fish dealer. Proceeds from the sale of fish must be used for charitable religious, educational, civic, or conservation purposes.
Residuals Management (Wastewater Treatment) Water The disposal of wastewater treatment facility residual solids to specifically permitted land application sites, or for beneficial use by the public if more stringent treatment limits are met.
Resource Conservation Recovery Act (RCRA) Emergency Permit Information Waste The treatment, storage or disposal of hazardous waste under urgent or emergency situations to facilitate the protection of public health and the environment.
Retired Standard Commercial Fishing License (RSCFL) Marine Fisheries Allows individuals 65 years or older to harvest and sell fish, shrimp, crabs or any marine species, except Menhaden and shellfish.