Permit Directory: T-Z

Permit Name Environmental Category Description
Tax Certification for Air Pollution Control Equipment Air Tax certification of equipment related to air pollution. For use in receiving tax credit on air pollution abatement equipment.
Tax Certification for Waste Treatment Systems and Equipment Water Tax certification of pollution abatement equipment for use in receiving tax credit on wastewater pollution abatement systems and/or equipment.
Tax Certification of Recycling and Resource Recovery Equipment and Facilities Waste Special tax treatment for recycling and resource recovery equipment and facilities.
Tire Monofill Permit Waste The construction and operation of a landfill facility for the acceptance of tire monofill tire waste.
Title V Permit Air The potential to emit over 100 ton/year of a single criteria air pollutant, 10 ton/year of a single hazardous air pollutant, or 25 ton/year combination of single hazardous air pollutant. Title V permits are administered by DAQ's Central Office Permitting Section.
Transfer Station Permit Waste The construction and operation of a landfill facility for the acceptance, handling and transferring of municipal solid waste as defined in North Carolina General Statute 130A or North Carolina Administrative Code Title 15A Subchapter 13B.
Transplant Oysters from Seed Oyster Management Areas (Permit to) Marine Fisheries The transport of oysters from the state's seed oyster management areas to private gardens.
Treatment and Processing Facility Permit Waste The construction and operation of a treatment and processing facility for the handling of solid waste for final disposal or for utilization by reclaiming or recycling.
Trout Buffer Variance Water Any land-disturbing activity occurring on a designated trout stream that will exceed 100 linear feet of disturbance in each 1,000 linear feet of buffer zone or encroachment that is greater than 10 percent of the linear footage of stream owned within the tract to be distributed.
Under Dock Oyster Culture Permit Marine Fisheries Allows private dock or pier owners to attach oyster cultivation containers.
Wastewater Irrigation Systems (Wastewater Treatment) Water Disposal of treated wastewater to the land surface. Wastewater land application systems can include spray irrigation, drip irrigation or other appropriate technology.
Wastewater Treatment Systems Operator Certification Water Any operator at a classified wastewater treatment facility is required to be certified to properly operate these facilities and maintain the treatment system in compliance with all permit requirements.
Wastewater/Groundwater Laboratory Certification Water Any laboratory making analytical reports to a state agency is required to be certified for the specific parameter being reported.
Water Supply System Plans and Specifications Approval Water Construction of a public water supply system.
Water Supply Watershed Protection (WSWSP) Program Permits Water Development activities that can impact water bodies within the water supply watersheds.
Water Supply Well Construction Permit Water Construction and operation of certain water supply wells.
Water Treatment Facility Operators Certification Water Examination and certification as a water treatment facility operator.
Water Withdrawal & Transfer Registration Water Any non-agricultural water user who withdraws or transfers 100,000 gallons per day or more of water for any purpose. Or any agricultural water user who withdraws or transfers 1,000,000 gallons or more per day.
Weekend Trawling for Live Shrimp Permit Marine Fisheries To permit and identify fishermen taking live shrimp for bait with trawls, from areas open to the harvest of shrimp with trawls, from Friday 9:00 p.m. through Saturday 12:00 p.m. (noon).
Well Contractor Certification Water Certification necessary to perform well contractor activities such as construction, installation, repair, alteration or abandonment of any well.
Wetlands and Streams - 401 Water Quality Certification Water Any activity that will fill, dredge, or drain wetlands or surface waters in the state. Coordinated with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers requirements.
Wetlands and Streams – Clean Water Act Section 404 Permit Other Any activity which would discharge dredged or fill materials into waters of the United States, including special aquatic sites such as wetlands.
Yard Waste Notification Form (YWN) Waste The operation of a small Type 1 Composting facility or Treatment and Processing facility (primarily mulching or grinding), of yard waste and clean wood waste only.
Yard Waste Treatment & Processing Permit (T&P) Waste This permit is required for the construction and operation of yard waste treatment and processing facilities - facilities that receive primarily organic wastes to be treated or processed for recycling or reuse in soil or plant related uses (primarily grinding or mulching of wood material).