Compliance & Enforcement Actions

The following branches and sections of the Division of Water Resources possess regulatory authority to impose penalties and fines to entities in noncompliance of state and federal rules, standards and laws. Fines and penalty reports can be found on the links below. Additional information may be found by searching the Division's document storage platform, Laserfiche, and/or Map Locator. Visit Regulations & Guidance page for more information.

Water Quality Permitting

2022 NPDES Wastewater Enforcement List

Civil Penalty Assessments Monthly Summary

Animal Feeding Operations Complaint Data

401 & Buffer Permitting Compliance Assistance Program

NPDES Compliance Assistance Program

Active SOC's (Special Order of Consent)

Current Moratoriums

Non-discharge Permitting - contact the Non Discharge Compliance Officer

Water Permitting Compliance Forms

Electronic Discharge Monitoring Reports

Public Water Supply

Annual Compliance Report


The branches under Groundwater Resources that posses regulatory authority and may administer civil penalty actions are:

Central Coastal Plain Capacity Use Area Compliance Forms - contact for informaton on civil penalties.

Underground Injection Control Well Program - contact the Division Public Information Officer for informaton on civil penalties

Water Science

The Aquatic Toxicology Branch of the Water Science Section issues civil penalties based upon non-compliance identified in test results submitted by permit holders. 

Please contact for additional civil penalty data.