Union County



Primary Applicants: Union County and Town of Wingate
Source Basin: Yadkin River (18-1)
Receiving Basin: Rocky River (18-4)
IBT (Average Daily for Maximum Month): 23.0 MGD


The Union County IBT Certificate was approved by the Environmental Management Commission at their May 11, 2017 meeting. (Certificate)

The Union County Public Works Water System (UCPW) is a provider of drinking water to citizens of Union County, excluding the City of Monroe, serving customers in both the Catawba River IBT basin and the Rocky River IBT basin.  Union County requested a transfer of 23.0 million gallons per day (MGD) from the Yadkin River IBT basin to the Rocky River IBT basin, calculated on an average day of the maximum month basis.  The transfer amount is based upon 2050 water demand projections for anticipated growth in Union County's Rocky River IBT Basin service area.  Union County has a 5.0 MGD grandfathered basin transfer from the Catawba River IBT Basin to the Rocky River IBT Basin.  The IBT certificate, allowing the transfer of water from the Yadkin River IBT basin, avoids the need to increase the amount of water transferred from the Catawba River IBT basin to the Rocky River IBT basin.

Union County submitted the request in an effort to meet the water supply needs of their current and future residents, and on behalf of the wholesale communities, institutions, and industries that are served.  The county has observed significant population growth over the past two decades and strives to meet and manage the increasing demands for water supply services.  The Town of Wingate purchases all of its drinking water from UCPW and was a co-applicant for the IBT certificate, and will therefore receive water transferred from the Yadkin River IBT basin to the Rocky River IBT basin under this certificate.  

Union County IBT map

Required Plans:

  1. Drought Management Plan
  2. Water Conservation Plan
  3. Compliance and Monitoring Plan


Background Documentation:

  1. Signed IBT Certificate - May 2017
  2. Hearing Officer's Report - May 2017
  3. Public Hearing Announcement - 2016
  4. Draft Union County IBT Certificate - July 2016
  5. Union County IBT Petition - April 2016
  6. Signed Record of Decision - April 2016
  7. Final Environmental Impact Statement - December 2015
  8. Public Hearing Notice - September 16, 2015
  9. Union County IBT Public Meetings (PowerPoint presentation)
  10. Union County IBT Policy Overview
  11. Public Meetings Notice - October 2013
  12. Notice of Intent (NOI)