Sampson County Well Sampling


As part of DEQ’s overall assessment of PFAS in North Carolina, the Division of Waste Management now requires all solid waste sanitary landfills to include PFAS analyses of all regular groundwater, surface water and leachate samples (letter distributed March 13, 2023).  Preliminary results at the Sampson County Landfill led DEQ to initiate sampling offsite of residential wells to ensure residents have safe drinking water.  

If you have questions, please contact us as or by phone at 919-707-8200.

PFAS Treatment System Assistance Program

To assist North Carolina residents dealing   with PFAS contamination in private drinking water wells, DEQ has established a pilot PFAS Reimbursement Program. Using the Bernard Allen Emergency Drinking Water Fund, the program provides some financial assistance for the purchase of treatment systems or, where feasible, connection to  public water to reduce exposure to PFAS where no responsible party is providing alternative drinking water.  Learn more. 

PFAS Action Strategy

DEQ is taking a whole-of-department approach to protect communities by identifying, reducing, and remediating PFAS pollution.

Read the DEQ Action Strategy for PFAS