Fire Training Burning Questions

General Questions

Do all open burning activities involved in fire training require notification?  

No. Open burning activities at permanent fire training facilities do not require notification. Additionally, those activities conducted under the supervision or cooperation of the North Carolina Forest Service, the North Carolina Department of Insurance, the North Carolina Technical Institutes or the North Carolina community colleges do not require notification to the Division of Air Quality.


What is RACM? 

This is an acronym for Regulated Asbestos Containing Material (RACM) that is friable or can become friable in nature. Since most materials containing asbestos become friable when a structure is burned, these materials must be removed before the burning takes place. All structures to be burned or otherwise demolished must be inspected for asbestos by an accredited inspector.  Contact the Health Hazards Control Unit for details.


If a structure is burned without notification to the Health Hazards Control Unit, but the Division of Air Quality has been notified, is this a violation of Air Quality Regulations? 

Yes. 15A NCAC 2D.1903(b)(11)(A) requires the HHCB (now HHCU or Health Hazards Control Unit) be notified so failure to notify the Health Hazards Control Unit would also be a violation of 15A NCAC 2D.1900 "Open Burning."


Can a demolished structure be approved for fire training open burning? 



Can a motor vehicle be approved for fire training open burning? 



Do non-asbestos roofing shingles have to be removed from a building before a fire training exercise can be approved? 



If I fail to comply with the regulations of the Health Hazards Control Unit as well as the Division of Air Quality, can I be assessed a civil penalty from both agencies. Isn't this double jeopardy? 

You could be assessed a civil penalty from either or both agencies. It is not double jeopardy since the agencies are independent from one another and have different rules. Always remember that compliance with the rules of one agency does not guarantee compliance with another.


Should I check the air quality forecast before conducting fire training? 

Yes. You will not be able to conduct your fire training on days when the air quality forecast in your area is Code Orange, Red or Purple unless your fire training is being conducted under the supervision of or the cooperation of one or more of the following agencies, North Carolina Fire or Rescue College, Technical Institutes, North Carolina Forest Service or the NC Department of Insurance.