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Vehicle Identification Database Connectivity Issues

Update: February 2, 2023

DAQ and the Division of Motor Vehicles are aware of reported issues connecting to the Vehicle Identification Database (VID) using Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) service, fiber optic phone service and some traditional copper phone lines.

In some service areas, these providers have updated communication rates faster than the legacy inspection program analyzers can use to communicate to the VID.  Two vendors have new certified analyzers that utilize VPN broadband internet connections to process vehicle inspections that will work in these areas.  Please refer to the Certification Status page for vendor contact information.

For additional information from DAQ, email or call 919-745-4322. 

For more information from DMV call, 877-421-0020. 

Secure Virtual Private Network Requirement

DMV has announced it will require all vehicle inspection stations to begin utilizing a secure virtual private network (VPN) as the standard communication protocol between analyzers and the state’s vehicle inspection database (VID) on July 1, 2024. All questions about this requirement should be directed to DMV. 

DMV Inspection Call Center: 877-421-0020